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  • Three University Missions Ranking: ITMO Ahead of 1,500 Universities Globally

    This year’s edition of the annual Three University Missions Moscow International University Ranking (MosIUR), which evaluated over 2000 universities around the world, has been revealed. This time, ITMO has also climbed 18 positions in the global ranking, placing 252nd despite the growing competition. For four years in a row, ITMO University has consistently been placed in the top 10 among Russian universities in the ranking.


  • ITMO Ranked Among Top 3 in Graduate Salaries in IT Industry

    The job-hunting platform SuperJob has published its research center’s annual ranking of Russian universities according to the size of salaries earned by young graduates in the IT industry. This year, ITMO was once again included among the top 3 – according to the data, the St. Petersburg-based university’s alumni earn an average of 200,000 rubles per month.


  • ITMO Enters Top 30 of the QS EECA University Ranking 2022

    The university has once again secured its standing in the QS EECA University Ranking. According to the 2022 edition, ITMO University rose by 9 positions since last year and was ranked 27th among the top universities in Europe and Central Asia. All in all, fifteen universities in Russia made it to the top 50.


  • ITMO IT Graduates Among Top 3 Highest Paid in Russia

    According to recent statistics collected by the Superjob research center, ITMO University graduates earn on average 190,000 rubles a month already in the first five years after graduation. 


  • RAEX National Ranking: ITMO in Top 15 Russian Universities

    The ranking agency RAEX has published its tenth annual ranking of Russian universities. For the fourth year in a row, ITMO is included in the top 15 of the ranking, this year being 14th on the list. 


  • Expert Center Ranking: ITMO University First in Russia in Engineering Sciences

    According to the ranking of the Expert analytic center, ITMO’s performance in 2020 placed it in the top 5 Russian universities, also making it the number one in engineering sciences. ITMO was also named the best in four other subjects. All in all, the university was represented by 13 disciplines out of the 16 currently offered at ITMO. 


  • ITMO University In Top 40 of Latest QS EECA Ranking

    This time, ITMO was ranked 36th – 10 positions higher than last year. Since the ranking’s introduction in 2014, ITMO has managed to get up by 64 positions. 


  • ITMO Experts Rank Regional E-Participation Platforms

    Moscow, the Murmansk Oblast, and the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug are at the top of the ranking with the Tyva Republic, the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug bringing up the rear. According to the authors of the ranking, it reflects the readiness with which regional governments discuss current issues with their citizens using digital technologies.


  • ITMO University Retains Its Position Among Top Ten Russian Universities in the Three University Missions Ranking

    On August 27, the new Three University Missions Moscow International University Ranking (MosIUR) was released. Despite the increased competition, ITMO University improved its results by taking 219th place worldwide and seventh place in Russia.


  • ITMO University Graduates Among the Highest Paid in Russia According to SuperJob

    According to a research by the SuperJob center, ITMO graduates get paid an average of 160,000 rubles a month as early on as in the first five years after graduation.