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  • Online Shopping In Russia: Scoring the Best Deals on Everything

    Events of these months have taught us the multiple perks of online shopping, so now we can barely imagine our routine without it. Here's how to take advantage of the most popular shopping platforms in Russia and not to get lost in a bundle of websites selling almost everything.


  • Public Transport in St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg’s vast public transit network is easy to use and not overly expensive. In addition to being convenient and oftentimes quicker than a taxi or rental, it can also be a great way to explore the city on a budget. Visitors to Russia’s cultural capital can make use of the metro, buses, trams, trolleybuses, and commercial minibuses (marshrutkas). Here’s our primer on how to get anywhere in St. Pete without breaking the bank.


  • How to Rent an Apartment in St. Petersburg

    There are several dormitories available for all ITMO University students, but what if you would prefer to rent your own place? Where do you look for it? What should you keep in mind? See our tips below.


  • What Can You Buy with 100 Rubles in St. Petersburg?

    A 100 ruble bill, which equals about 1.5 USD or 1.3 Euro today, probably won’t buy you a decent cup of coffee in St. Petersburg, but it can go surprisingly a long way.  


  • Secret Rules of Russian Public Transport

    Recently, an Indian student who came to study at ITMO commented on how organized the transit system is in St. Petersburg. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that. Maybe he was impressed by how everything comes on time or the fact that you can take public transport to the most obscure parts of the city. Now, I think he was talking about all the unwritten rules that every local knows… how to navigate the mysterious world of public transportation.


  • The Best of Summer in St. Petersburg

    Warm temperatures, blooming flowers and long hours of sunshine make summer the best time to visit St. Petersburg. The city’s streets are filled with people all through the season and especially now when the city is hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Whether you’re in the mood for a ride in the amusement park or a boat tour to the Gulf of Finland, check out our St. Petersburg summer guide.


  • St. Petersburg Off the Beaten Track

    St. Petersburg is world-famous for its gorgeous palaces and canals, but there are many other attractions that are, too, worth visiting. From the city’s maze-like courtyards to its atmospheric cafés with ornate interiors, the city has no shortage of places to go off the beaten path. Spring has sprung and it's time to venture out of the house and explore, so check out this list of cool things to do in St. Petersburg.


  • Relocation Tips: Winter Activities and Beating the Blues

    Winter in St. Petersburg! A wonderful time, if you know how to spend it - and don’t let the cold fool you: this is no time for slumber and there are plenty of things to do around the city. Just take a walk down Nevsky Prospect and soak in the holiday spirit! And if you’re not sure how to entertain yourself, we’ve rounded up some tips and ideas.


  • Treating a Common Cold the Russian Way

    Before I moved to Russia, I was really anxious about the cold; but I had also convinced myself that it's so cold in Russia that all diseases freeze and I won't ever get sick. Wishful thinking! Getting a cold is just a natural part of the full winter experience. Besides some positive thinking and consuming as much citrus as you can, you might be interested in some popular home-style Russian remedies that get anyone from Vladivostok to Murmansk feeling good when they’re under the weather. Some of these were recommended over the last few years in Russia by friends or doctors and many have helped me when I wasn’t feeling well.


  • Relocation tips: Healthcare

    We sincerely hope that you will not experience any health issues while studying or working in Russia. However, you can never predict how things will go, especially when you are far from home. These tips will help you protect yourself from unexpected issues and make sure that your stay in Russia goes as smooth as possible.