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  • Inside the Art of Manga Exhibition in Sevkabel Port

    Over 2,500 square meters of all things manga, from the history of Japanese comics in chronological order to the workspaces of manga artists and separate halls for the fans of Naruto, Sailor Moon, and even Attack on Titan, the Art of Manga exhibition at Sevkabel Port created such a stir online that we simply couldn’t pass it by.


  • Metaphotonics Review by ITMO Scientists Among Top 1% Most Cited Papers

    A publication by researchers from ITMO and the Australian National University is among the top 1% of the most cited papers on optics according to the bibliometric system Web of Science (WoS). The paper reviews applications of machine learning and AI in metaphotonics, a new subject field that may pave the way for a whole new class of next-gen devices.


  • First Position Exhibition: Is Ballet a Russian National Treasure?

    If you’ve been reading us long enough, you know that we have a soft spot for the Manege Central Exhibition Hall – if they host an exhibition, we can’t help but review it! This time, we explored First Position, a display of all things Russian ballet.


  • Russian and Dutch Researchers on What’s Holding Back a Revolution in Data Storage

    Almost all of us store data on cloud services and use social networks. Some know that servers hosting that data occupy whole buildings and require significant resources to maintain. The world’s best researchers are at work trying to make data hosting more affordable, secure and user-friendly, but no revolutionizing changes have happened so far. Recently, Alexandra Kalashnikova, a physicist at the Ioffe Institute and ITMO University, along with colleagues from Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands) and the Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences have published a paper in Physics Reports. In the article, researchers explain why the industry hasn’t yet begun recording data on HDDs with lasers, or dropped disk drives altogether. Alexandra told ITMO.NEWS more about the paper. 


  • 10 Movies for a Summer Night-In

    Movie Fridays is officially one year old, and we are celebrating by going back to the series’ roots: summer film recommendations. Dramatic and melancholic, flamboyant, buoyant and adventurous, you won’t go wrong with one or all of these for a great cinematic binge!


  • The Planets by Prof Brian Cox: The Actual Best

    The coolest physicist of all time has come out with a new documentary series that travels through space and time to tell the mystifying story of the Solar System. Our verdict? Mind-blowing, mind-boggling and breath-taking, with a side of first-class entertainment


  • Fleabag Season Two: Unbreak My Heart, Dammit

    The eponymous heroine is back in a dazzling second run of BBC Three’s tragicomedy Fleabag. With her ever-uptight sister tentatively at her side, creepy godmother at the opposite, and one very mysterious padre loitering on the horizon, will this be a happy adventure?


  • ITMO Researchers Publish Review on Perovskite Research

    Halide perovskites are highly promising in regards to their application in the fields of photovoltaics and optoelectronics, including the development of new devices based on advanced nanophotonics concepts. In 2013, the journal Science included perovskites in its list of top-10 breakthrough technologies. This year, a team of ITMO scientists in collaboration with their colleagues from the University of Texas in Dallas and the Australian National University prepared a review where they studied the optical properties of nanostructured perovskites, answered the question of why fundamental studies of these structures are most important for the development of new optical devices, as well as made predictions about future research in this field. The material was published in a special Hall of Fame issue of Advanced Optical Materials.


  • Building A New Generation of Drugs: SCAMT Laboratory Scientists On Rational Chemical Design Using Metal-Organic Frameworks

    Aimed at creating materials with pre-planned properties, rational design has become one of the most prevalent research trends in chemistry. Its advocates postulate that instead of going through the exhaustive search of random combinations, a better strategy for finding the right material would be to start with analysing the structural elements and the interactions that occur between them. This will lead to significant reductions in the effort, time, and money needed for creating new drugs or purification systems. Following their paper on framework materials that was published in Russian Chemical Reviews, ITMO University’s SCAMT Laboratory scientists met with ITMO.NEWS to talk about their research.


  • ITMO Scientists Review 2D Heterostructure Architectures

    Specialists who work in the fields of optoelectronics and biomedicine are always on the lookout for new materials with unique optical properties, or methods for reducing the existing devices' size. New semiconductor lasers will allow scientists to work on a nanoscale and perform tasks impossible with traditional equipment. The creation of these devices was made possible thanks to new nano-heterostructures based on combinations of semiconductor and metal components. This September, a group of ITMO scientists published a review of different types of such structures, as well as their possible applications in modern lasers, optoelectronic devices, and biomedical materials, in the Small journal.