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  • Space Tourism: How to Book a Flight to the Orbit

    The concept of space tourism is far from new: as far back as in 1967, only six years after the first human space flight, Barron Hilton and Krafft Ehricke had ruminated on the subject, but their plans did not come to fruition. At last, in the mid-’00s, the first private space explorer had joined the crew of the International Space Station. Today, dozens of private companies operate on the market of space, or more precisely sub-orbital, tourism. We tried to find out what it’s like to go to space as a private citizen and how much it can cost you.


  • Falcon Heavy Launch, Cancer Treatment, and Neutrinos: Top Science News of 2018

    On January 29, the St. Petersburg’s Atomic Energy Information Center hosted 2019’s first discussion about the latest trends in science and technology. The event brought together leading science communicators from different fields, including Ivan Drokin, a specialist in machine learning, Andrey Seriakov, a physicist and Science Slam winner, Alexander Khokhlov, a space instrumentation engineer, and Ekaterina Khomiakova biochemist. ITMO.NEWS published the highlights of the discussion.


  • Journey to the Red Planet: New and Daring Projects for Mars Travel

    In the recent years, the journey to Mars has been a hot topic among scientists and the general public. Back in the 16th century, new lands were discovered by ships sailing the seas; nowadays, we're talking about exploring new places in the Solar system where humans could settle using a different kind of ship. In this article, we'll be looking at the newest engineering and scientific solutions for man's journey to the Red Planet.


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