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  • St. Petersburg’s Architectural Gems: Art Nouveau

    At the turn of the 20th century, the Art Nouveau style emerged in Europe, characterized by delicate, elaborate ornamentation, balanced asymmetry, and extensive use of floral motifs and sinuous curving lines. In St. Petersburg, this architectural nouvelle vague was aided by the National Romantic movement that flourished in other Scandinavian countries, giving rise to quirky yet stunning buildings that went on to become the city’s best-known landmarks.


  • St. Petersburg’s Architectural Gems: Eclecticism

    The developments in Russia’s political, social and economic life in the mid-19th century caused the crisis of Classicism and the rise of Eclecticism, which dramatically transformed the face of the city.


  • St. Petersburg’s Architectural Gems: Classicism

    The end of the 18th century saw the decline of Baroque architecture and the rise of a new style, Classicism. The brightly colored, wedding-cake buildings of the olden style were replaced by sophisticated designs inspired by the elegance and poise of the Classical Antiquity. St. Petersburg, too, was engulfed in this Europe-wide architectural vogue, which resulted in a wealth of architectural masterpieces.


  • St. Petersburg’s Architectural Gems: Baroque

    The Northern Venice, the City of White Nights, the Cradle of Three Revolutions, Petrograd, Leningrad, and Cultural Capital, St. Petersburg has many names and is known worldwide as one of the most beautiful European cities, first and foremost, thanks to its incredible history and majestic architecture. No matter how long you’ve been living in St. Petersburg, it’s nice to have your architectural styles down, isn’t it? So in this series of articles, you will learn all about St. Petersburg’s architectural gems and their creators, from Baroque to modern times.