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  • Pharmacological Constructor: Scientists Propose Method for Synthesising Calcium Carbonate Particles with Different Geometry for Targeted Drug Delivery

    A group of scientists from ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering in collaboration with their colleagues from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg and Tel Aviv University conducted a complex analysis of the growth conditions of porous particles of calcium carbonate of various morphology that can be used for delivering bioactive substances to cells and tissue. The samples were tested on a model of glioma cells. The results were published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering. ITMO.NEWS contacted Landysh Fatkhutdinova, a Master’s student at ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering, and her research advisor Mikhail Zyuzin, and learned about the prospects of the research’s application in biology and medicine.


  • ITMO Researchers Develop Universal System for Delivery and Release of Antitumor Drugs Using Infrared Radiation

    Oleksii Peltek, a Master’s student at ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering, and his scientific advisor Mikhail Zyuzin have presented their research in the field of cell technologies. The scientists conducted a range of experiments on targeted delivery and non-invasive release of anticancer drugs for enabling effective treatment of malignant tumors. It is planned that going forward, the smart delivery systems they developed will be tested on animal models in vivo. The research results have been recently published in a leading international journal Biomaterials Science.


  • Scientists Create New Magnetic Nanosphere For Efficient Drug Delivery

    Researchers from ITMO University created a new kind of magnetic nanospheres for drug delivery. Due to the unique combination of synthesis methods, the size of these magnetite-based nanospheres can be easily regulated. At the same time, the nanospheres are not damaging to cells. The scientists proved the new material’s effectiveness in a range of experiments on dissolving model plasma clots. The results were published in Applied Materials & Interfaces.


  • Building A New Generation of Drugs: SCAMT Laboratory Scientists On Rational Chemical Design Using Metal-Organic Frameworks

    Aimed at creating materials with pre-planned properties, rational design has become one of the most prevalent research trends in chemistry. Its advocates postulate that instead of going through the exhaustive search of random combinations, a better strategy for finding the right material would be to start with analysing the structural elements and the interactions that occur between them. This will lead to significant reductions in the effort, time, and money needed for creating new drugs or purification systems. Following their paper on framework materials that was published in Russian Chemical Reviews, ITMO University’s SCAMT Laboratory scientists met with ITMO.NEWS to talk about their research.


  • Scientists Describe Oxidants' Effect on Metal-Organic Frameworks for Drug Delivery

    A team of chemists-theoreticians modeled the interaction of a metal-organic framework (MOF) for drug delivery with oxidants. The model showed that the MOF is stable in water, but degrades in the presence of active forms of oxygen. As such oxidants emerge in inflammatory tissues, MOFs can be used in the design of systems for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory agents. The research results were published in The Royal Society of Chemistry (PCCP) magazine.


  • ITMO Researchers Participating in Targeted Drug Delivery Research

    Targeted delivery of medicine and genetic material to cells and tissue can be solved using micro- and nanoparticles of various types. Research in this field tends to be interdisciplinary and calls for collaboration between biologists, chemists and physicists. Mikhail Zyuzin, a postdoctoral researcher at ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering, is working with colleagues from Russia and abroad to develop new methods of targeted drug delivery. He spoke with ITMO.NEWS about his research and working with other scientists.