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  • From Above: Observation Decks of St. Petersburg

    Although St. Petersburg can't boast a hill-abundant landscape, don’t lose hope to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city! Let’s climb a few (or a few hundred) steps together to discover the most stunning sceneries from and of the city’s centerpieces.


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Kolomna

    Unlike more flashy districts of the city such as Petrogradskaya Side or Vasilievsky Island, Kolomna remains low key. Some even confuse it with its namesake, a town in the Moscow Oblast. A bohemian and cultural gem, it shouldn’t be overlooked. 


  • Explore St. Petersburg Like a Local: Primorskaya

    The Primorskaya metro station (not to be confused with the neighboring Primorsky District!) and its surrounding area won’t amaze you with majestic cathedrals or narrow cobbled streets. What will you get, then? The answer lies behind the station’s name, which means “near the sea,” earned due to its proximity to the Gulf of Finland. So, brace yourself for spectacular views of the seaside, embankments, and hidden harbors (plus gusts of wind).


  • Explore St. Petersburg Like a Local: Vasilyevsky Island

    Guarded by an angel and a three-headed dragon, it hides a spirited courtyard that will make your dearest wishes come true. It’s not a fairytale, it’s a true story about Vasilyevsky Island!


  • SightSafari.City: Great Walking Routes in Every Part of the City

    Isn’t it great to gaze at some tourist attractions while walking home from work? Especially, in the summer, when it’s warm and sunny. But finding a route that would be short and interesting at the same time can be quite a drag, and we often end up choosing the shortest possible way. Egor Smirnov, a research associate at ITMO’s Institute of Design & Urban Studies, has developed a route generation algorithm called SightSafari.City, which is already available in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, as well as in Belarus and Ukraine.


  • Tourist Routes for 2018 World Cup Host Cities by ITMO University

    This week, the FIFA World Cup is starting in Russia. The most dedicated fans will travel from one city to another to attend as many matches as possible. How can they get to know each city in such a short time? Ksenia Mukhina and Alexander Visheratin, researchers from ITMO University’s eScience Research Institute, have designed short routes for each FIFA World Cup host city.