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  • WUD@ITMO 2022: Career-Building Skills and UI for Healthcare

    Since 2005, every second Thursday of November has been celebrated as World Usability Day (WUD), a day when UX and UI designers come together to share their cases and ideas on improving user experience. ITMO honors the occasion with its own international conference WUD@ITMO, which was held this year for the eighth time. Learn all about the main topics discussed at the event in this article.


  • Inclusive Interfaces and Useful UX Tools: Overview of the VII International WUD@ITMO Conference

    Established in 2005, World Usability Day started a series of thematic events around the world meant to serve as a platform for specialists in human-computer interaction and UI/UX where they can exchange their knowledge, opinions, and cases. One of such events is the International WUD@ITMO Conference recently held for the seventh time at ITMO University. Read on to learn what topics the conference addressed, how inclusive interfaces are created, and what are the best design tools for UX professionals.


  • ITMO University Holds Sixth International UX Conference WUD@ITMO

    The annual WUD@ITMO was held for the sixth time by ITMO’s Center for Usability and Mixed Reality to celebrate World Usability Day. 


  • WUD@ITMO 2019: Design for the Future That We Want

    The fifth WUD@ITMO 2019 international conference on user interface took place at ITMO. Here, the speakers, specialists in the field of UX/UI design, share knowledge, opinions, and effective solutions. Around 400 professionals attended this year’s event. Some of the topics were interface design for complex subject fields, the trials and tribulations of dealing with trends and cases from the participants’ personal experience. Read on to learn more. 


  • WUD@ITMO: Ending the Dispute Between Developers and Designers

    It is for the fourth time that ITMO University hosts WUD@ITMO, a conference themed on the design and testing of user interfaces. This year, scientists from Tallinn University and representatives of leading design agencies gathered together to discuss the main challenges they encounter working in the field. How can we describe the design process and teach future specialists in an effective way? ITMO.NEWS passes on the key messages of the discussion.


  • WUD@ITMO: Future of Human-Machine Interaction

    On November 18, 2017 ITMO University hosted the third WUD@ITMO international conference, dedicated to design and testing of user interfaces. WUD@ITMO is timed to coincide with World Usability Day which was first celebrated in 2005. In November, a whole series of events dedicated to usability are conducted in different countries. Such events bring together specialists in the field of interface design and ergonomics, as well as students and lecturers. In 2015, on the initiative of ITMO’s Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics and Design and Multimedia Center, St. Petersburg hosted the First International Conference WUD@ITMO in collaboration with Tallinn University. This year, among the key speakers was professor Sergey Fedorovich Sergeev from  St. Petersburg State University, member of the scientific Council of RAS on the methodology of artificial intelligence and member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. In his talk, he expanded on the primary objectives of usability specialists and the future formats of humanity’s integration into a technogenic environment.