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  • Yagodnoe Revamp: New Concept by ITMO and SPSUACE Students

    In the spring of 2019, Ekaterina Kuznechikova from St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPSUACE) collaborated with the ITMO.Green club. In the process of this collaboration, she learned that ITMO University has its own sports and recreation center near St. Petersburg. The complex is called Yagodnoe and it now needs a beautification project. Ekaterina took this issue seriously and gathered an interdisciplinary group made of ITMO and SPSUACE students who conducted research in the recreation center, found weak spots and figured out how these can be fixed. Read on to learn about the implementation of the project and its results.


  • Your Guide to Events at ITMO University in 2019-2020

    The 2019/20 academic year marks a landmark point in our University’s history as we celebrate ITMO’s 120th anniversary of founding. Students, staff, and friends of the University can expect a variety of exciting events – competitions, workshops, meetups, and more – throughout the year. In this article, we take a look at everything to look forward to in the 2019/20 academic year.


  • International Volunteers at Yagodnoe: Results of the Ecological Raids Camp

    On August 3-17, the Yagodnoe sports and recreation center hosted the annual camp Ecological Raids, which attracted volunteers from Germany, Italy, Spain, Palestine and other countries. Together, they cleaned rubbish off the center’s territory, beautified the space and learned more about each other’s homelands. This has been the fifth time that Ecological Raids is organized, by efforts of ITMO University’s students. Here is more on the international volunteers’ expressions and this year’s camp.


  • Participants and Organizers on New Russian-German Exchange Program

    In April, a group of ITMO students went to Germany for an exchange. Accompanied by their German peers, they went to several cities in Bavaria, explored the local universities, and visited modern laboratories that work in close collaboration with BMW and other major companies. Yulia Usikova, vice director of ITMO’s sports and recreation center Yagodnoye, and student Ekaterina Tkacheva expanded on their experience.


  • Different Volunteering, Eco Camps and Fresh Perspective on Things: Belgian Gloria Sagaradze on Interning at ITMO

    Belgian Gloria Sagaradze came to Russia to do a three-month internship at ITMO University’s Student Initiatives Development Office. Among the projects she worked on were collaborating with the organizers of the international ecological camp Ecological Raids held at ITMO’s sports and recreation center Yagodnoye, helping Nigerian students develop an events plan for their student club, and mastering student project management. ITMO.NEWS met Gloria to talk about the difference between volunteering in Russia and Belgium and the valuable lessons she learnt from traveling.


  • ITMO’s Environmental Camp EcoRaids Hosts First Eco-Festival

    The Ecological Raids international volunteer camp has been recently held at ITMO University’s health-and-sports center Yagodnoe. For two weeks, students from six countries attended lectures and workshops on social and environmental projects and shared knowledge in the field of environmental protection. All of this happened on the shores of a beautiful lake in the Karelian isthmus. The camp ended with an open eco-festival.


  • Volunteering and Ecology

    In St. Petersburg, there is a special project called "History of Tomorrow", devoted to volunteers in the city. Ilya Bokatiy, a volunteer ecologist and fifth-year student at ITMO University, majoring in optoelectronic devices and systems, is one of the participants of the project. Ilya organizes ecological events for students and postgraduates from different countries in the world. With the support of the Student Volunteer Center (in Russian) at ITMO University, he has already managed to implement several ideas, including helping with “Ecological Raids” – an international camp for social projects, where people can get to know different environmental initiatives, and also contribute to taking care of the environment. Ilya spoke with ITMO.NEWS about what kind of volunteering he does and how a newcomer can navigate in the world of volunteering.


  • "Almost in St. Petersburg": The Annual All-Russian Student Sports Camp in Yagodnoe

    From August 16 to 22, Yagodnoe Camp hosted the third All-Russian Patriotic Sports Camp "Almost in St. Petersburg", organized by the Association of Student Sport Clubs of Russia, the Caskad special training center and ITMO University's KronBars sports club; the event brought together representatives and heads of student sports clubs, press centers and student athletes from all over Russia. In the course of one week, the camp's participants could test their strength and willpower in a unique program prepared by the camp's organizers.


  • Ecological Raids: International Ecocamp at Yagodnoe

    The international volunteer camp Ecological Raids was held at ITMO University’s health-and-sports center Yagodnoe. For two weeks students from 12 countries attended talks and workshops on social and ecological projects, came up with ideas for Ecohouses and got to know more about Russian culture. All of this happened on the shores of a beautiful lake in the Karelian isthmus. 


  • Volunteering Unlimited: Students from Russia's 35 Regions Presented Their Projects in Yagodnoe

    This year, ITMO University was the organizer of the federal People Need You! contest. For the first time in the project's history, the semi-finals were conducted as a summer camp in the Yagodnoye. The camp’s participants presented 90 projects in six categories to an expert jury. The event was conducted with support from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Gazprom Neft Company.


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