Though physical education is already a part of the core curriculum for Bachelor’s students at ITMO University, this doesn’t mean that Master’s or PhD students, as well as members of staff, can’t enjoy the physical and mental benefits of sports. Getting your member card is quick and simple – and gives you access to plenty of great sporting activities.

Membership perks

Any student, graduate, or employee of ITMO University can become a member of KronBars. As a member, you can:

  • Join various sporting clubs
  • Represent ITMO in competitions;
  • Compete in intra-university contests;
  • Travel to national and international festivals, games and events;
  • Take part in special member events;
  • And get free tickets to football, hockey, and basketball games featuring St. Petersburg-based teams Zenit and SKA!

KronBars at the ITMO.LIVE 2019 graduation party. Credit: ITMO University

KronBars at the ITMO.LIVE 2019 graduation party. Credit: ITMO University

For students

As a student, you can join one of the 50+ sports clubs in three proficiency levels: basic, intermediate, and professional. There’s something for everyone: from conventional football, basketball and swimming, to the more exotic fencing, ultimate frisbee and yachting, or even such cerebral pastimes as chess, Go, and eSports.

For staff

Staff members at ITMO University, too, have much to choose from: rowing, basketball, boxing, karate, fencing, and table tennis are just some of the sports that have their own dedicated employee teams at KronBars.

Want to prove your mettle? Why not represent the University during the annual St. Petersburg inter-university games? Competitions are held in table tennis, badminton, rifle shooting, skiing, swimming, checkers, chess, streetball, futsal, volleyball, bowling, billiards, and darts.


KronBars operates a number of sporting facilities in and around St. Petersburg. That includes the Bars Arena sports center at the University’s Lomonosova St. 9 building, the dorm-adjacent to Vyazemsky sports center on Vyazemsky Lane 5/7, and, of course, the Yagodnoe sporting and leisure camp north of St. Petersburg. The club also rents out almost a dozen other sports facilities for the benefit of its many teams – including hockey, swimming, martial arts, skiing, and trampoline enthusiasts.

KronBars Games 2019/2020 in Yagodnoe. Credit: ITMO University

KronBars Games 2019/2020 in Yagodnoe. Credit: ITMO University

How to join

Joining the club is simple: just fill out this form online and then pick up your member card at room 4401, Lomonosova St. 9, any time between 11 AM and 5 PM on a business day. See you on the field!

Follow KronBars on VK to stay up to date on the latest news, contests, and other events! For a deeper look into the club's history, structure and aspirations, check out our interview with its head Evgenii Raskin.