ITMO’s Learning Analytics Center has great news for the university’s prospective Bachelor’s (and, in the near future, Master’s) students: their new initiative, ITMO TRACK, is a handy new algorithm that helps build the most optimal learning path based on your interests, skills, and needs. The service, which is already available online, provides users with a comprehensive four-year plan that covers every aspect of their studies. 

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…and the fast track

Another exciting announcement for the upcoming academic year is the introduction of combined Master’s and PhD tracks for singularly ambitious young researchers. Not only does it take just four years rather than the usual six, there is also no need to take PhD entrance exams in their regular form. The combined track is already available for applicants to seven Master’s-level programs at ITMO – including several taught in English.

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CV pro-tips

Writing your CV can be a notoriously daunting task – where do you start? How do you fill it up – but keep it concise, too? What counts as work experience – that is, if you have any? A recent showcase by experts from Sberbank at ITMO included helpful tips for budding specialists. Discover them all in the article below.

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Mini apps for macro results

You don’t need to be a professional software developer to create your own app. These days, it’s enough to be familiar with a few basic tools, know your way around web development, and be confident in your abilities. This was the message of a recent open talk at ITMO, presented by VK Mini Apps DevRel Dmitry Zadokhin. Dig into the essentials of using the service with our breakdown.

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Life at ITMO

Rise and shine

It’s less than a month until the start of ITMO’s second school for principal investigators – and just over a week left to apply! Learning from the top experts in education, research, and business, you’ll discover all about what it takes to become a great team leader and researcher. Head over to the article below for details and the application form.

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