The university’s Research Center “Strong AI in Industry” is a frequent feature of this series – and for good reason. This time around, they made headlines with a novel algorithm that analyzes ECG readings for signs of a heart attack. And the best part is – it can do that in a mere second! As cardiovascular disease remains one of the world’s top health concerns, the new tech is sure to prove helpful in saving (and improving) lives.

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A second medical breakthrough comes from ITMO’s ChemBio Cluster. Here, the researchers have devised a way to produce magnetic nanoparticles – the kind used to diagnose and treat cancer. Since such particles must meet a number of various requirements, manufacturing them can be a lengthy and arduous process. The team’s machine learning-based method eliminates much of the fuss, allowing users to pre-select the desired properties and shorten the process to mere minutes.

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And in yet another update from the field of medical research, a joint research team from three Russian universities has unearthed some unexpected knowledge about the nature of migraines. In pursuit of a cure for this excruciating – and widespread – condition, scientists use nitroglycerin as a trigger for migraine-like states in lab animals. But this recent study has found that, in some instances, the substance may have the complete opposite effect – raising new questions about the causes of migraines while also showing a promising new path towards a cure.

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Credit: VisualGeneration /

Credit: VisualGeneration /

As technology develops in new and unexpected ways, education and medicine strive to catch up. At the intersection of these fields is the vital profession of speech therapy, which, too, must keep up with trends in order to resonate with kids who are growing up among technology. Anastasia Pivovarova, an ITMO graduate, recently spoke to ITMO.NEWS about her project Logodom AR – an interactive app that augments speech therapy both in class and at home.

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Another ITMO graduate, Danila Lychkin, started out as a programmer and rose to team lead – all before quitting his job and delving headfirst into game development. Today, he’s a major figure in the development of the hit MMOG World of Warships. In an interview with the portal, he shared some insights into his sudden career change, how to go about changing your field, and the best ways to get into gamedev.

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