Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. In the ongoing effort to combat this dangerous disease, researchers at ITMO have developed a magnetic particle based on zinc ferrite and manganese ferrite. This new material can boost the effectiveness of radiotherapy by a whole 40%.

ITMO Scientists Suggest Novel Nanoparticle-Based Cancer Treatment

On a related note, scientists from ITMO have teamed up with the ImmGen and Tabula Muris projects on a digital dataset that lets researchers experiment with gene expressions – the processes through which our bodies produce various molecular elements, including those that fight off cancer and other critical diseases.

ITMO Researchers Design a Dataset to Study the Functions of Immune Cells

And as the result of another international collaboration, researchers at ITMO and CUNY have succeeded at something usually considered undoable: inducing topological states in the infrared range and on the micron scale. Their breakthrough has the potential to further advance the development of optical computing.

Optical Innovations: ITMO Researchers Create Controllable On-Chip Topological States

Back to medical successes: a new multipurpose method of detecting the influenza and coronavirus in human biosamples has shown impressive results in terms of not just accuracy, but speed – a common issue with high-quality methods such as PCR. The breakthrough was achieved by researchers at ITMO and the Smorodintsev Research Institute of Influenza.

New Method to Detect Influenza and Coronavirus Suggested at ITMO

In today’s final bit of research news, researchers at ITMO and the Lopukhin Federal Center have discovered gut microbiota biomarkers that can predict the efficacy of immunotherapy in melanoma patients. They also found beneficial bacteria that can enhance the patients’ immune response. These findings could lead to the development of pre-treatment diagnostic tests. Further in vivo testing is currently planned.

Gut Microbiota Can Predict Immunotherapy Response, ITMO Scientists Say

Credit: ITMO University

Credit: ITMO University


With the recent launch of the 2023 admissions campaign at ITMO, we’ve been reporting on a range of exciting new educational programs. Check out these quick summaries and head over to the respective articles for more details! 

➤ High-Load Systems Software

This online Master’s program, developed jointly by ITMO and Yandex, aims to train mid-level and full-stack developers experienced in working with complex software systems. Special stipend, internship, and employment options are available for top students!

➤ Decarbonization Technologies for Fuel and Energy Industry

With environmental concerns at an all-time high, special attention is turned towards the oil and gas industries. This is where this program comes in – its graduates will be part of the professional community seeking to bring about the next evolutionary stage of the energy sector.

➤ Artificial Intelligence

This simply-titled program is anything but simple: the goal here is to train top-tier pros for the fascinating and novel fields of AI and data science.

➤ Programming for the Visually Impaired

In Russia’s first-ever program to focus on this category of inclusive technology, students will learn from top experts – including those who are part of the visually impaired community – to develop a new generation of assistive technologies.


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