The key tenets of green living can be reduced to just three words: reduce (the amount of waste you produce), reuse (the things you own), and recycle (everything that can’t be used any longer). Today, there are plenty of places in St. Petersburg where you can bring your recyclable waste – it’s as simple as checking the Recyclemap website.

But still, the best option is to consider in advance how you can spend the winter holidays with minimal harm to the environment. Here are some of our ideas on what to think about when planning your time off:


enlightenedEveryone knows that nothing sets the mood like a scented candle. When picking a candle, pay attention to the ingredients and try to opt for soy-based ones instead of candles made with beeswax.
enlightenedPlan your holiday menu in advance and try to work more seasonal local products into it. Shipping exotic fruit, like a papaya, results in excessive use of resources and an increased carbon footprint.
enlightenedIf you have leftovers, invite some friends over and treat them to a meal or engage in foodsharing – the exchange of extra food with others. You can do this through various communities on social media, such as the popular Foodsharing in St. Petersburg page on VK.
enlightenedIf you’re out and about and feel like having a hot drink, check the My Cup, Please website for a list of coffee shops that provide discounts and bonuses to those who bring their own reusable cups. Also, try to avoid plastic straws.
enlightenedSay no to fireworks within city limits, especially near houses: not only is it unsafe (due to possible injuries or fire hazards), but it is also harmful to the environment. When used, fireworks produce CO2 as well as harmful particulate matter. Instead, why not see a winter fair, watch a movie or a play, visit an ice rink, or take a trip out of town?
enlightenedFor a day trip, make a route connecting various interesting locations nearby that you’d like to visit. There are many lesser-known and cool places in and around St. Petersburg that you’ve yet to see.
enlightenedIf you’re planning an out-of-town picnic, bring some utensils and plates from home instead of using plastic ones; bring a container so you can pack up the leftovers.

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