Andrey Zlenko, head of ITMO’s Social Design and Entrepreneurship Center

I have a favorite bike route. I live on Petrogradsky island, not far away from the main ITMO building. Usually, I ride along the embankment to the 300th Anniversary Park and then ride back to Bolsheokhtinsky and Alexander Nevsky Bridges. Alexei Itin, head of the Student Media Department, and I came up with this route when we were students. We just bought bikes and wanted to come up with a nice route that would be both long and not very popular. I still remember the first time we rode this route; it was raining heavily, and we came home at 5 am, but it was worth it. This route still remains one of my favorites; Alexei and I ride it from time to time.

The participants of the the eighth Bike Ride with the Rector
The participants of the the eighth Bike Ride with the Rector

I’ve always loved bikes. A friend of mine from ITMO University once gave me a walking tour through the city center, and I had a chance to discover many beautiful places that you don’t usually notice when rushing to work. Then I went there by bike and saw the city from a different perspective. I think that being a university specializing in information technology, we could even develop audioguides for our rides.

Lidia Perovskaya, tutor at Computer Technology Department

I’m riding with the Rector for the third time. The last two times I rode a bike; this time, I roller-skated, and next time I’ll probably try a scooter. I ride a bike very seldom, only with the Rector really; I sometimes roller-skate with my friends, but what I really love is walking. I have walked along all the embankments in St. Petersburg. I really like this route. I think that Yakhtenny Bridge is now one of the greatest places in St. Petersburg, as it offers a completely new view of the city.

Daria Kozlova, Anna Veklich and  Vladimir Vasilyev
Daria Kozlova, Anna Veklich and Vladimir Vasilyev

Vladimir Vasilyev, ITMO University’s Rector

When I was a student, a bicycle wasn’t my primary method of transportation. It is the same now. The thing is, I don’t like riding in the city because of the traffic. I have two favorite routes and they both go around Yelagin Island, but right now one of them is blocked. By the way, I really like this route as well. I like riding in parks because there are no cars there. Unfortunately, there are not so many places like this in St. Petersburg.

Anastasiia Volobueva, first-year Bachelor’s student at Computer Technology Department

This is my first bike ride with the rector. I’m from St. Petersburg and I live near Akademicheskaya metro station. I used to go to school by bike, as it wasn’t very far, just about three kilometers. My favorite route is in my district and it goes along Grazhdansky Prospekt to Murinskiy Park; there is even a special bicycle path there.

Margarita Cherkasova, Sports Tourism coach at ITMO University

As long as there is an opportunity, I always try to take part in this event. I have already participated more than five times, always on a bike. When riding a bicycle in St. Petersburg, I always choose Krestovsky Island. Sometimes I also go to Vasilievsky and Petrogradsky islands. I live near the university and usually go to work by scooter, as it allows me to wear something ladylike. But I like riding a bike when outside the city, e.g. in Yagodnoe; it is such a beautiful place with lots of great locations for both work and leisure.

Anna Doschenko, first-year Bachelor’s student at Information Systems Department

Anna Doschenko
Anna Doschenko

I’ve won the repost contest on VK and got an opportunity to ride on a segway. I came from Kemerovo, and I don’t have a bike here in St. Petersburg. I often biked with my friends in my hometown. I see many students using bikes to get to university and I want to join them, because it is very convenient.

Vadim Veiko, professor at the Department of Laser Systems and Technologies

I often roller-skate in summer, and I think that Krestovsky Island is perfect for it, especially the Central Park of Culture and Recreation. This is my fifth ride with the Rector and I’m roller-skating. Of course, bicycles are faster, but I’m trying to keep up with them. But I should note that this route isn’t very suitable for roller-skaters, as it can be very dangerous to ride down the bridge. So I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have enough experience.