In 2021, the competition among the ranking’s participants grew fiercer, as this year THE WUR included 1,662 universities – that is 135 more than last year. A total of 12 new Russian universities made it to the ranking this year, which means that Russia is now represented by 60 universities compared to 48 in 2020. 

The ranking’s evaluations are based on five key parameters: Teaching (quality of education); Research (quality of research activities); Citations (research influence); International outlook (international staff, students and research); and Industry Income (knowledge transfer and R&D projects funding). 

Credit: Times Higher Education's press office

Credit: Times Higher Education's press office

The data for the ranking is collected from three sources: statistics provided by the universities, the Scopus database, and a survey of academic experts. 

This year, ITMO University demonstrated especially high results in the Industry Income parameter. While last year it received 90.1 points from THE, in 2021, it’s grown to 96, placing ITMO at the 46th position globally (compared to last year’s 75th).

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