Three Great Detective Novels to Check Out

I’ve been a huge mystery fan since I was a kid. I love it so much that once, when I was around twenty, I decided to re-read all the Sherlock Holmes stories in chronological order. But what makes a good whodunnit? You know you’re reading a brilliant novel when you’re so inside the story that you forget about unmasking the murderer. Read on to discover three great detective novels of the last decade.

Impressions of Millenials in Contemporary Russian Art Exhibition

Recently, I received an invitation to visit the Russian Museum. It made me think about the impact modern culture makes on us. These days, with the increasing role of modern technologies, artists can find a new definition of their role in art. That is why going to a museum is the best way to find out something new about the Russian culture and admire the oeuvres of creators .

Winning Competitions: Does That Make You a Good Programmer?

Many people claim that winners of various competitions aren’t good at practical tasks, even prominent people in the field of IT, such as Peter Norvig. The discussion of this question flared up again in the comment section of a video (in Russian) on the phenomenon of Russian programmers that was published on the Russians Are Ok YouTube channel. In two weeks, more than 215,000 people have watched it. I wrote a big text (in Russian) about this discussion but now I’d like to summarize it here as well.

Specialty Coffee Culture in St. Petersburg

Drinking coffee has become an everyday habit for many of us. Choosing a coffee house or a package of coffee beans in a shop can be a problem for a non-professional. As well as other products, coffee can be of different quality and that influences the taste. So where can we find the perfect cup?

Get to know ITMakeup Club

Polina, who is in love with makeup, entered ITMO University 2 years ago. She was surprised there was no club dedicated to makeup at the university. So she decided to create it herself.

Three Books on Medicine

I like the idea that medical books are similar to detective books — in both cases, there’s an unknown malefactor that must be exposed but unfortunately, sometimes it happens only when it’s already too late. In today’s compilation, we have books of fiction and popular science, as well as a journalist’s investigation of medicine as a field of research.

The Process of Making Music

Greetings, reader. Today we will talk about such an interesting process as creating music. I am a musician and for 4 years I have been writing music. Have I been successful? Relatively. Due to my perfectionism, I could not begin to finish projects for a long time. But recently, I started writing material that I really like. And so now I will introduce you to my craft.

St. Petersburg is Bigger Than You Think

The picture of St. Petersburg for some people is just beautiful buildings with old and authentic architecture, Nevsky Prospect, and the Hermitage, but there are more places that are worth your attention. I want to tell you about my most favorite suburbs that are actually now parts of our city. Lomonosov, Zelenogorsk… If these names don’t ring a bell, then I invite you on a journey to these amazing places.

Three Lesser-Known Books on Popular Science

We often associate popular science literature with hard science, while not paying enough attention to the communication of humanities' knowledge. So, for today’s selection, we’ve picked three great books on society, social bonds, and literature.