ITMO.Family reunion

It’s no coincidence that the platform for ITMO University alumni was created in the year of ITMO’s 120th anniversary of founding. This significant date is an opportunity to reunite the ITMO.Family community, which is made up of ITMO University students, staff, partners and, of course, alumni.

“Thus, our alumni will get a chance to keep in touch with their alma mater. It is very important for us because we want to write the history of the University together with the people who once studied here,” explains Lyudmila Tsoi, a manager at ITMO University’s Center for Creative and Corporate Projects.

Communication tool

According to the authors of the project, in addition to being a platform for collaboration between the University and its graduates, it will also become a communication tool which the graduates can use to get in touch with each other. Now, instead of writing to various University departments, a graduate can get all the necessary information directly on this platform. With the use of this tool, the graduates can, among other things, sign up for an event held at ITMO University, apply for an alumni pass, get access to exclusive programs for the University alumni and find their groupmates in the system.

As for the events, this year, students, staff, and friends of the University can expect a variety of exciting events – lectures, research conferences, competitions, meetups, career and business events, and more – related to the University’s 120th anniversary.

Apart from that, registration in the personal profile gives you access to the University’s loyalty program, where you can familiarize yourself with all the perks you get as an ITMO University alumni: from discounts to English courses taught at the University and personal growth practical courses to special conditions regarding visiting the University’s sports and recreation center Yagodnoe.

It is important to note that there had already been a platform for alumni at ITMO before, but it hasn’t been active for years, and this is why this project was initiated, to allow ITMO University graduates remain part of the University system and retain access to its infrastructure and events.

“In the year of the University’s 120th anniversary, we would like to meet with all of our best students in person, but we understand that not everybody can make it and come visit because some of them live and work outside St. Petersburg and some are not even in Russia. This is why we wanted to establish an online platform that would bring all our graduates together regardless of the city they live in,” shares Lyudmila Tsoi, a manager at ITMO University’s Center for Creative and Corporate Projects.

The platform is designed to become a closed community. The identity of each participant will be verified, and only those who studied at ITMO will be able to get access to it. What is also important, the platform will comply with all the existing rules in the field of personal data protection, therefore any personal information you add to it will be hidden from the people outside the community.

New level of relationship

“One of the main tasks right now, as we see it, is to reassemble the ITMO.Family community and bring back all those numerous people who once studied at our University. However, this task is not the only one. Our graduates have now become experts and professionals in their fields and ITMO has also changed. Thus, we see it as an opportunity to take our relations to a new level, when we can create new projects, offer services and grow together,” adds Lyudmila Tsoi.

According to the authors of the project, after the launch of the project, it will continue to grow together with the community of ITMO University alumni and get additional functions. It will depend on the graduates themselves what development strategy they will choose.