Only specific categories of ITMO staff members will continue working on site, such as the rector, vice rectors, chief accounting officer, head of Informatization Department and Information Security and Access Department, as well as other staff members whose presence at ITMO is essential for its functioning. 

All other staff members who can work remotely without hindering their units’ operation will continue to do so. 

Vice-rectors and heads of units must determine the university staff members who will provide on-site support for ITMO’s operation. That being said, people over 65 and people suffering from heart diseases, diseases of the respiratory system, and diabetes are not allowed to work on site. Lists of staff members who will be working on site must be submitted to the Administrative and Legal Department (

You can read the Rector’s order in full here (in Russian). 

Please feel free to address the Student Services Office or the Department of Academic Affairs if you have any questions or proposals associated with measures for the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus infection. You can also follow the relevant news on the Telegram channel ITMOLNIA. 

For any questions regarding the organization of research activities, contact; for questions regarding PhD training and preparation of theses – the Office of International Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies , for employment-related questions – contact

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