What is your Master’s program about? 

This program is divided into several tracks that are chosen in the first year. I chose the transport track, in which all disciplines will be related to innovation in transport, and in the 3rd semester the classes will be taught exclusively by representatives of IT consulting firms. They will talk about innovation in the supply chain and share interesting cases that they have seen in the industry.

How did you come to choose ITMO University? 

I wanted to go to a place where financial disciplines interacted with modern technology. But the biggest reasons I chose ITMO were the people and the non-academic activities. ITMO is definitely one of the best universities in the country and in Europe. There are over 70 different clubs, constant activities, and constant mutual support from the university. But the most important thing is that the people who study here and the environment at such an important moment in life has a lot to do with it.

Also, ITMO is a brand that is easy to sell to employers.

What was your educational path before joining ITMO?

I got my Bachelor’s degree at a university in St. Petersburg where I studied physics and mathematics with a focus on aviation meteorology. 

What were your first impressions of ITMO? 

When I was in school, I went to a math competition at ITMO University. I really liked the fact that everything looked very solid, stable, and compelling. But what impressed me the most were the happy faces of the different groups of students.

Maxim Klochko. Photo courtesy of the subject
Maxim Klochko. Photo courtesy of the subject

What do you like most about St. Petersburg?

Bar culture. Combining the benefits of a big city with the rhythm of life. Here, unlike in Moscow, you can enjoy life. And here we do not have an architectural clash like in Moscow, where modern skyscrapers are next to the houses from the Soviet era. In general, everything here is beautiful and well cared for, while in Moscow everything is chaotic and it affects the personality and behavior of society.

How is the general environment at the university?

Great, all the teachers are willing to help you and explain anything to you. If you are interested in learning, nobody here forces you or pushes you to do things, you are more independent.

What kind of experiences did you have with international students at the university?

Amazing, there are people from different parts of the world. Thanks to them, I discovered dancing. Even though I'm a local and I know a lot of different places in St. Petersburg, my international friends showed me completely new places, which is amazing.

Maxim Klochko. Photo courtesy of the subject
Maxim Klochko. Photo courtesy of the subject

What do you do besides studying? Do you have any personal projects? 

Right now I have an ongoing project at Netcracker Academy that I managed to get into thanks to ITMO. In addition, I work at Yandex in B2B sales and I'm in the process of being selected for leadership positions in international companies. As a general rule, at different stages of the selection process for different companies, you need to be prepared, so that's what I'm constantly doing.

What are your hobbies?

I'm a member of one of the university's student squads. It is an organization that goes out into the countryside together. We make campfires, play guitars, and we're constantly camping and volunteering.

Also, thanks to my Latin friends, I've discovered salsa and bachata as hobbies.

Maxim Klochko. Photo courtesy of the subject
Maxim Klochko. Photo courtesy of the subject

What are your plans for the future?

Apply for a leadership program at an international company. Then get an immediate management position, which is a fast track to professional development.

Any advice for international students who want to come to Russia and do a Master's degree here?

If you are going to study for a Master's degree, I would recommend choosing something related to what you have previously studied. ITMO University offers many interesting opportunities, not only at a professional level, but also in active extracurricular activities. You will find everything you need to develop as a person. Here, you can have a great life experience and live in one of the best cities in the world. I am not exaggerating.

Interview by Juan Sebastian Velasquez Acevedo

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