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  • Student Spotlight: Juan Camilo Diosa, Colombia

    This week, we’re talking to Juan Camilo Diosa, who is getting a Master’s degree with the Big Data and Machine Learning program. He came from Colombia almost two years ago, and in this interview, he told us some of his experiences as an international student and why he chose Russia to reach his educational goals.


  • Student Spotlight: Alejandro Ramos, Mexico

    In this article, we’d like to introduce you to Alejandro Ramos, a Mexican student in the Physics of Lasers PhD program at ITMO University. Alejandro tells us about his love at first sight for Russia, the process that he went through to come here and his plans for his current research at ITMO.


  • Student Spotlight: Lasse Schneider, Germany

    Meet Lasse Schneider, a German PhD student in Management of Social and Economic Systems. He came for an exchange semester, but fell in love with the city and the university – now he is finishing his first year of PhD studies. At the same time he writes for ITMO’s blog. Find out more about his incredible story in this interview.


  • Student Spotlight: Omar Farshad, Afghanistan

    Omar Farshad is an international student at ITMO’s Information Security program. He’s one of the winners of the Open Doors competition in the Computer & Data Science subject – this allowed him to study for free. In this interview, Omar tells us about his decision to study at ITMO and his experience of studying online from the United Arab Emirates, where he will be living until the pandemic situation normalizes.


  • Student Spotlight: Pablo Jami Tapia, Ecuador

    Pablo Jami Tapia is a second-year Master’s student of information security who is finishing his degree this semester. In this interview, he shares with us his experiences from his two years at ITMO and what he considers helpful in accomplishing his goals for the future.


  • Student Spotlight: Maxim Klochko, Russia

    Maxim Klochko is a second-year Master’s student in the program Innovation Entrepreneurship. He was born and grew up in St. Petersburg and after he got his Bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics, he decided to apply for a Master’s degree at ITMO. In this interview, Maxim shares with us his impressions of the university and life in the city and the experiences that helped him to grow as a person and as a professional.


  • Student Spotlight: Gabriel Enofogha, Nigeria

    Gabriel is studying in the Information Security Master’s program at ITMO University. In this interview, he tells us a little bit about his background, his decision to study in Russia, and some of his goals for the coming years. 


  • Student Spotlight: Elisha Enefu, Nigeria

    A native of Nigeria, Elisha Enefu is currently in his first year of a Bachelor’s in computer systems and technologies at ITMO. He talked to us about the challenges of his experience as an international student and how being in Russia changed his mind about its citizens.


  • Student Spotlight: Elvis Harka, Albania

    Hailing from the Mediterranean shore, Elvis is experiencing the snowy winters of the North, here in St. Petersburg. He’s currently in his second year of studies in the Mechatronics and Robotics Bachelor’s program. He shares his experience of coming to Russia and some tips on how to prepare yourself for the journey.


  • Student Spotlight: Cheng Xintong, China

    This week, we reached out to Cheng Xintong, a Master’s student at ITMO who is currently studying remotely from China. She’s enrolled in the FoodTech program which is offered in English. She tells us a little bit about her experience of coming to Russia and her time here.