Who can participate?

Any student can apply for summer schools, however, you should be aware of each school’s requirements. While many require a certificate of English proficiency or only invite students in their second year of studies or higher, others pay great attention to candidates’ academic performances or motivation letters.

ITMO University supports its student’s desire to participate in short-term educational events by holding a special competition for partial funding of such endeavors. The competition is open to tuition-free students with an upper-intermediate level of English (no lower than B2). If you don’t have a certificate, you can sign up for a free English language test at ITMO’s Foreign Language Training Center. The application should be submitted at least a month before the start of the summer school but after you receive an invitation. You’ll get the reimbursement of your expenses after your trip. The university can only reimburse no more than 70% of your registration fee and no more than 70,000 rubles of your expenses.

1. Tampere Summer School, Tampere University, Finland

When: August 2-13

Deadline: an application and motivation letter should be submitted before June 7

Fees: 210-525 euros

The school offers a wide range of courses on cross-cultural management, design thinking, data analytics, programming, and so on. For a more complete list, please visit the school’s official website. Students can apply for several courses with different schedules. Each course requires a separate motivation letter.

2. TBU Summer Schools, Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic

When: August 9-20

Deadline: registration is open until May 31

Fees: 220-300 euros for a course

The school focuses on digital marketing, quantitative approach in decision-making, risk management, and many other fields.

3. Summer School “Renewable Energy Systems”, FH Münster University of Applied Sciences, Germany

When: August 29 - September 10

Deadline: an application and motivation letter should be submitted before May 31

Fees: 100 euros

During the summer school, professors of several engineering departments will speak about wind energy, photovoltaics and solar panels, hydropower, smart power supply systems, and so on. Learn more about the course here.

4. CURIOUSU Summer School: Leaders of Innovation and Impact, University of Twente, Netherlands

When: August 2-6

Deadline: registration is open until July 26

Fees: 380 euros (early bird, valid till July 1) or 450 euros (regular fee, valid till 26 July)

The course program includes classes on design thinking, pitching and storytelling, interacting with stakeholders, as well as teamwork on joint projects. For more information, please visit this website.

5. The Utrecht Summer School, Utrecht University, Netherlands

When: July 2021

Fees: from 50 to 1,000 euros, depending on the course

The Utrecht University together with the HU University of Applied Sciences and the HKU University of the Arts offers a broad selection of over 100 online courses in various disciplines: Business, Science, Data Science, Engineering and Technology, etc. You can find the full list of courses on the school’s official website.

6. Aalto University Summer School, Aalto University, Finland

When: summer 2021, depending on a selected course

Deadline: a registration form is available via this link (until all places in the course are filled)

Fees: up to 1,400 euros

The school implements several courses in a wide range of fields, including entrepreneurship, global climate change and human impact on the environment, biotechnology, and much more. A complete list and description of courses are available on the website.

7. The School of Biotechnology Engineers, Institut Sup'Biotech, France

When: July 5-23

Deadline: an application should be submitted before May 31 and include your CV, motivation letter, and a TOEFL/IELTS certificate

Fees: 1,450 euros

The Food Science Product Development program aims to help students understand the subtleties of producing and testing innovative food products. The course consists of lab work, workshops on marketing and business strategies, product design, and so on. Detailed information about the program is available on this website.

8. Summer School in Robotics, ESME Sudria and EPITECH engineering schools, France

When: July 6-23

Deadline: registration is open until May 31

Fees: 900 euros

During a three-week course, students will design, assemble, and code their own robots. Online participants will receive the necessary parts by mail. Learn more about the course here.

9. China Discovery International Summer School, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

When: July 5-30

Deadline: June 30 (for registration information, please contact ITMO's Academic Mobility Support Office at oovsyannikova@itmo.ru)

Fees: free for ITMO students

The school aims to introduce students to Chinese culture and modern history, as well as the country’s technological, industrial, and scientific achievements. The program includes four parts: Understanding China, China's Economic Development, Introduction to the Development of Science and Technology in China, and Chinese Language and Online Activities. Classes are conducted in English.

10. Portuguese courses, Fluminense Federal University, Brazil

When: June 14 - September 25

Deadline: May 25 (for registration information, please contact ITMO's Academic Mobility Support Office at oovsyannikova@itmo.ru)

Fees: free for ITMO students

The course runs for 60 academic hours. Students will be divided into groups (A1, A2, B1/B2) depending on their language proficiency.

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