I was on my way to work on a grey morning in early March, desperately and to no avail trying to find just something to listen to. I couldn't put my finger on what I was feeling and none of the trusty favourites seemed to do the trick. The fates brought me to a female empowerment playlist on Spotify, which started with You've Got the Love by the absolutely badass Florence + The Machine. And it was magical – completely like that moment in Amelie, when she realises that the world is a beautiful harmonious place that she can try and make even better. A pivotal morning that was and since then, well, I hope I haven't been the same. I wish you to enjoy it – and don't hold back the dancing if it comes.


When I was at school, I came across Froth on the Daydream – a surrealistic novel by Boris Vian, who was a big jazz fan according to the book’s numerous references to this genre (and Duke Ellington in particular). That’s how I first met jazz music. I enjoyed it but let it go quickly, probably being too young to appreciate something but indie rock.

The time has come when one March day I was struck by Duke Ellington’s The Single Petal of a Rose. I don’t know how to describe it properly as any word wouldn’t fit. When a solo piano begins to play this tender lullaby, it feels like every note of it is something personal the author shares only with you. Although this melody can be considered melancholic, I’d say it’s fulfilling and calming. I’d recommend listening to this song if you’re in a bad mood – it won’t fix your problems but can soften them somehow.


I think it’s beautiful (probably, in infinite ways) how some songs find a way to your life in the right place at the right time. No matter what you’re looking for – catchy or melancholic melodies, profound meanings, or watering eyes – you know when you hear it. After listening to everything on repeat and skipping not-so-good ones to find even more not-so-good ones, and then once again falling back into this vicious circle, finally I have something to share. The discovery of this month is Heather by Conan Gray – the literal definition of aesthetics (highly recommend to watch the video clip). Probably not the most upbeat song to add to your playlist (a little warning) yet it hits differently when you are all in your thoughts walking down the city’s streets. Give it a listen! And it will take you to a whole new world with its moving story, beautiful acoustic guitar, and soothing voice.


Even though it was cold in the city for almost the entire March, the days became brighter, filled with the promising air of spring. This air itself can awake the need to endlessly walk, breathe deeply and listen to amazing music. And while there were a lot of amazing tracks this month, I can't help but return to the lively and sincere new album Evering Road by Tom Grennan. Mixing many genres, but not tiring with an overly complex sound, it fills you with rough-hewn Grennan's vocals - and here you are, walking along the streets, reviving after winter, and just feeling alive.


Every time I get buried in work, I remind myself that it’s springtime and hum Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows by Lesley Gore. Maybe it’s the 60’s vibe or her updo or the promise of rainbows that helps me keep things in perspective and maybe get inspired to go on that road trip, just like in the video, that is oh so overdue.