In May, I suddenly realized it's almost half of 2021, and my New Year's resolution “to welcome changes” is still way too far from being true. That’s where Changes by Dima Pantyushin & Sasha Lipsky came to save the day. Its unpretentious lyrics (warning, it’s in Russian) are revealing the simple truth that’s good to hear once again: vagaries are an indispensable part of our everyday life. Besides the message, the song itself sounds fresh and intricate – a blend of modern synth-pop and air of Soviet music of the ‘80s makes it appealingly danceable and reflects dry Russian wit.


This month, for me, was filled with crazy nervous energy – a billion things to do, decisions to make, and you can't relax, can't let go, cause you need to catch up and achieve it all. And, of course, it was (and always is) music that helped me to stay afloat – strong and dark, these tracks helped me move forward, accept my fears and continue to enjoy life, no matter what:

Used to the Darkness by Des Rocs

Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea by MISSIO 

Juan Sebastian Velasquez

This month has been the resurgence of the city, where the weather transforms to bring us the warmth of the sun that we have been waiting for so long. When these times come, St. Petersburg becomes a paradise, and I always remember the chorus of the song Paradise City by Guns N' Roses, which perfectly describes the city at this time; a city you would never want to leave. I hope I can enjoy the coming summer with this song that constantly reminds me that I am living in a paradise. 


For some reason, it feels like this spring was here and gone in the blink of an eye. And only now do I start to realize that summer is a bit more than just a weekend away. Full of unexpected yet pleasant changes, this May was also generous in great tunes, with Home by Blue October being among my top favorites. This is a kind of song that fills your heart with true joy and happiness – especially if you’ve been with the band for a while – and makes you truly want to see what’s around the corner. 


Among the numerous deadlines of this month, there was one date that shone through like a beacon of hope, despite having been pushed back several times: one of my favorite creators, dodie, released her debut album on May 7. It has easily been the thing I’ve listened to the most ever since. The whole album is one continuous story (perfectly told in this series of lyric videos), but two particular earworms of mine are Before the Line and Special Girl. The first one is rather gloomy and self-reflective, so I will share the second one today to end this month on a happier note.


The wonderful Matt Berry, in addition to playing some of TV’s best buffoons (as well as the regular human bartender Jackie Daytona), is also an exceptionally gifted musician and has just put out yet another impressive LP, Blue Elephant, on which he plays all but one of a dozen instruments. With the album designed as two continuous sequences made to fit perfectly onto the two sides of a vinyl, it can be tough to pick a specific track – they all flow too perfectly into one another. However, the three-parter Blues Inside Me is undoubtedly one of the top highlights: a cosmic prog-rock ballad that’ll make anyone tap their foot to the rhythm. If you’ve been pining for some retro British psych rock, this is the one for you (honorary mention: the eponymous Blue Elephant).