This month I spent waiting for OASIS: Knebworth 1996 (2021) to be out, so no wonder my playlist was nothing but Oasis – from the one and only Wonderwall to something chill like All Around the World. Their songs have stolen my heart ages ago, I remember listening to the Gallagher brothers religiously when I was like thirteen or something. The nostalgia and memories they hold for me! Yet I’ve never – only God knows why – heard The Masterplan till yesterday. Or should I call it a masterpiece? Though being a B-side, this song is definitely worth a listen. The lyrics, the tune, the video (Liam’s walk is a classic) – everything is great about it from the beginning till the end.


Not unhappy, but a little lost and nostalgic – that’s how I felt for the most part this month. As always, Spotify knew just what I needed in suggesting I listen to Middle Of Nowhere by Vancouver Sleep Clinic. This song is a perfect companion for those long autumnal walks in bone-chilling wind yet bright sunshine and your repeated attempts to figure out what you stand for.


There’s music that can keep you up just as good as your dear friend who you can share all your secrets with. And if I gathered such songs in one place, Let’s Love by Sia & David Guetta would definitely head my first-aid playlist. It’s not only an upbeat track with strong 80’s tunes but also a message of hope and love. So, even if it’s not your day or a month, it’s nice to know this too shall pass and things will get better anyway, especially when it’s Sia who’s telling you that in your headphones.


September is the time of the long-awaited and absolutely legitimate plunge into gloominess, so I turn to my precious playlist, filled with sadness from the first to the last note. Surprisingly, with this kind of music, I not only feel calm and somehow happier (I'm weird like this, yeah, I know) but also very productive.

leave a light on by Keir, Fenne Lily


If you’re craving something fun, slow-cooked and slightly irrelevant on a rainy fall weekend, sink your fork into Pot Roast and Kisses by The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band. Just watch out for potential side effects like dancing in the kitchen and an irresistible urge to, in fact, make a pot roast or something equally comforting, and be careful with that cleaver!

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