Most notably, this Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day! This Irish holiday is really popular throughout the world, and Russia is no exception - it has been widely celebrated in major Russian cities since 1999, and in 2017, the Russian Orthodox Church even added it to its list of church holidays. Though the official parade usually takes place in Moscow, there are quite a few events dedicated to the holiday in St. Petersburg!

On March 17 you can attend the St. Patrick’s Day festival at the Aurora Concert Hall, featuring different Irish folk bands and Irish dancing troupes.

Another event that has to do with Irish culture is the Irish Film Festival, which will be held at KARO Ligov cinema from March 16 to 18, featuring six Irish films in English.

And, naturally, you can get the feel of this cheerful holiday at just any Irish bar in St. Petersburg, which you can find all across our city!

As for the other curious events that will take place in St. Petersburg this weekend, there are quite a few of them. On March 16 and 17, the Festival of Glowing Spheres will take place in Babushkina park. Like most similar events that usually take place at this site, it will feature magnificent light and fire shows, and a traditional flashmob.

March 17 will be the Open Day at New Holland, the cultural district in the very heart of St. Petersburg. Various businesses residing in the cultural space will host workshops and raffles, as well as offer goods and services at discount prices - a great chance to try something new and get to know one of St. Petersburg’s most popular spots.

A most curious event will take place at the TKACHI creative space (Obvodnyi Emb. 60) - the KINOKUHNYA festival; its guests will have the opportunity to try different foods from popular movies - from Westerosi cuisine from Game of Thrones to Homer Simpson’s favourite donuts and Alderaanian green wine from Star Wars. Naturally, there will also be workshops on how to make these gastronomic marvels!

Another exotic exhibition you may appreciate is the Museum of Poisons, which is part of an interdisciplinary research project by artist Fedotov-Fedorov. Using different artistic means, the author expands on the different aspects of this peculiar topic, covering both the history of poisons and alchemy in the Medieval times and the modern times, when information presented on the Internet may be considered a "poison" of a different kind. The exhibition will take place at the Anna Nova Gallery (Zhukovskogo St. 28) from March 16 to April 21.

Finally, there’ll be the Death Fest VII musical festival on March 17. If you haven’t yet had the chance to visit St. Petersburg’s Museum of Street Art (Revolyutsii Rd. 84), this event presents a perfect opportunity, as experimental music is the perfect soundtrack for your first visit there!

See you next week! Yours, ITMO.NEWS.