Exhibition of Violets “Winter Miracle”

Missing flowers in the thick of winter? Head to the Exhibition of Violets taking place this weekend to admire the exquisite beauty of these delicate, summery flowers. What’s particularly interesting about them is that based on the violet’s name, one may think that there can be only one kind of violet. The violet kind, duh! However, there are actually over 500 different varieties of violets, coming in a stunning array of colors: pink, cream, blue, yellow, white, or even a unique combination of two or three colors, which you can see with your own eyes.

Exhibition of the “ARHproekt 2019: Inside and Outside” contest

Held since 2016, ARHproekt is one of Russia’s biggest competitions in the field of architecture and design. It’s aim is to inspire young architects to create a new modern city look. This time, contestants were asked to present their creative musings on the multifaceted topic of Inside and Outside, its three nominations (apartment-centered “Habitat”, kindergarten-focused “Patterns and Planes” and mildly self-explanatory “Function of a Courtyard”) embodying the ying-yang-like conundrum of private vs. public in our lives. You can examine what they’ve come up with at Sevkabel Port this weekend, so that’s that.

Indian fair

Sun-colored spices and herbs, scrumptious curries, mouth-watering, creamy desserts, silky and soothing Masala tea, aromatic and relaxing incense sticks, and radiant textiles: you will find it all and more at the Indian Fair taking place on December 12-20 at the I. Gaza House of Culture. A perfect getaway from the gray winter reality and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of this extraordinary country!

Exhibition of interior design works by Inna Abzalova and Svetlana Nadolskaya

Elaborate art objects, ornately framed mirrors, quirky clocks and one-off textile graphics with floral motifs, unique home decorations inspired by the cultures of other countries, and magical trees that will transform your abode into a winter fairytale. According to the authors, these creations are designed with coziness and light in mind, to keep you warm in this chilly winter season.

Some of the events we’ve covered last week are still ongoing, in case you want to take a gander at some very expensive baubles or peek into St. Petersburg’s past at an exhibition of authentic retro photographs. Also, do check out our brand-new guide to St. Petersburg’s most exciting winter fairs, some of which are set to start this very weekend!