Third Place Art Fair

Did someone just say fair? The finest Venetian palazzo, contemporary art, and entertainment – all that can mean only one thing: the fancy atmosphere of a big and beautiful holiday. In these bleak times, we invite you to immerse yourself in the mystery of art: painting, sculpture, graphics, and jewelry. The courtyard will be filled with enchanting sounds thanks to miracle DJs, and wise mentors will share the secrets of buying art and introduce you to master artists. The fair also offers you the opportunity to visit the main exhibition spaces of St. Petersburg, including our beloved Air.ITMO.Residency (for art tours please register on the website).

But we should warn you that this event has a special show in store: media art, DJ-sets, food court, and performances – and you might actually change all your plans and have a lot of fun!

Zhivoy Rock Fest

And what about some live music after the sun sets? A new venue, cool headliners, and your soon-to-be-favorite festival weekend, filled with live sounds and the brightest emotions – the Zhivoy Rock Fest is being held for the 13th time. Do you want to experience Russian rock music to the fullest and enjoy a majestic view of the Gulf of Finland? Then add this one to your calendar and don’t forget about the good mood (and an umbrella – you never know).

Invisible Landscape Exhibition by Max Sher

The Invisible Landscape exhibition is a photographic exploration of post-Soviet space seen through the perspective of everyday life. These are photographs taken between 2010 and 2017 in over 70 urban locations in five post-Soviet countries. It captures the most mundane and typical landscapes: supermarkets, industrial areas, schools, etc. Sher's pictures are still yet moving as we get the chance to see the image of contemporary Russia with its dramatic extremes, intricate culture, and unique diversity. 

Selfie Park Museum

On a more fun note: while it’s still relatively warm for outdoor activities, let’s go up on a roof (in a safe way!). The Loft Project Etagi has announced a new exhibition with over 50 exhibits – from Greek sculptures to Jack Sparrow (I mean Captain Jack Sparrow). But that’s not all! You can enjoy city views from the roof, take selfies with quirky replicas and your favorite celebrities, visit shops and a food court, or join other events at the Loft.

And one more bonus for you: why get boring old snacks from a vending machine when you can get a randomized book? Check out Etagi’s new Needfulbook machine (on the 2nd floor) and let’s find out whether good or bad luck is on your side today.

And if you are tired of the city’s busy streets and crowds and want to have a breath of fresh air, it’s the perfect time for a weekend getaway (maybe even on a bike). To find nice places to enjoy the fall in St. Petersburg, go here, here, and here. And for those who always strive to learn new things, Coursera offers a whole lot of free courses. It’s time to embrace all the fun fall activities!