Official Business

Salmon-pink pages of Vedomosti instantly make you think business, finance and world markets. Like any top business publication, it also covers politics, technology, and how to spend your hard-earned cash. 

Index trackers, live TV and convenient quick-read news are front and center at RBC, a business news resource that directly competes with Kommersant, also a business publication with an influential style section. They both think they’re pretty swanky. It’s a tossup.

St. Petersburg

Local news comes in all flavors. My favorite “morning cup of coffee” read is Fontanka, which covers everything from the local tax reforms and power outages to the list of groceries that will help you quit smoking. Don’t miss the Reader’s Choice feature for important stories like the one about a bank robber saving his partner in crime. 

New restaurants, controversial exhibitions, style trends and cool people are the focus of Sobaka, which makes you feel part of the vivacious life in St. Petersburg even if you’re couchbound.

Stories of expats who live in St. Petersburg is one of my favorite features of PaperPaper, which offers a thoughtful and oftentimes innovative approach to covering the city and society. 

Can’t wait for the weekend? The Village will get you in the mood with movie and restaurant reviews and special projects like “What to wear instead of a hat”. It’ll explain how to make a perfect omelet and recommend what new show to pair it with, and maybe you won’t even need a hat. 


Technically not news, and very biased, Yandex.Zen is a platform that pulls content based on your interests so you can have your real news, bloggers, celebrity updates and cat pictures all in one place. Granted, it’s not exactly a well-rounded view of the world, but it’s entirely yours. 

PS. What’s trending on Russian Google? It’s soccer. Soccer news every time.