Vasileostrovsky Market

A historic market with modern flair, Vasileostrovsky Market has become a place to sample a variety of flavors in its new food hall as well as stock up on produce, meat and spices in its market portion. Now you can get delivery from the market and also have them grill your meats. The small eateries in the hall – think California-style burritos, vegan burgers, Matcha cupcakes – have opened in the “dark kitchen” format, meaning that you call them with your order and then pick it up. 

Taqueria Don Garcia

This Latin-American food joint run by chef Gerardo Garcia offers what is probably the most authentic Mexican food experience in all of St. Petersburg. The cafe’s English-speaking staff take orders over WhatsApp and will deliver orders starting from 800 rubles to anywhere in the Primorsky District and from 2,000 rubles to anywhere in the city. Grab the menu and start preparing for your belated Cinco de Mayo celebration!

Caffe Italia

In the best of times, Caffe Italia rocks the Italian vibe with authentic flavors, sounds and a real Ducati. Bringing a motorcycle home might be a challenge but a sumptuous pizza with arugula and prosciutto and a finger-licking mascarpone torte might just bring that Italian flare to your own living room. Playing with the recipes these days? They also deliver top-notch pasta, pasta sauces, olive oil, and yes, coffee, from their store, for your at-home Mambo Italiano. 

Лёгкое Чувство Голода (LCHG) Slight Sense of Hunger

Credit: Emmanuel Ben-Paul (@beepeax) on

Credit: Emmanuel Ben-Paul (@beepeax) on

Usually, LCHG is a taproom with a wall of craft beers, foot-long shawarmas and a quirky sense of humor. The menu is as eclectic as it is heartfelt. They cook what they like and are not afraid to experiment: from pho soup to lasagna to the newest addition, Wok Hunt - cheesy noodles with bacon and smoked sausages. Now delivery around their location on ul.Chaikovskogo, 23 is free with a 600 rouble order but they have different delivery options and can ultimately send your brioche burger into space, if that’s where you’re self-isolating. Keep an eye on their Instagram for contests and giveaways and you just might score three liters of “liquid gold”, or something equally refreshing, with your order. 

Ogurci Cafe

n off-shoot of Prostie Veschi (see below), Ogurci is a vegan cafe with inclusive staff and mind-blowingly delicious food. The cafe has decided to suspend delivery services to ensure the security of its staff, but you can still support them by purchasing a gift certificate worth 500 to 5,000 rubles valid till December 31, 2020.

Doris Day Coffee

Some say the cheesecake at Doris Day coffee shop is the best in St. Petersburg. That’s a tall claim, but what we do know is that it is really, really good. While the coffee place itself is currently closed, you can order a couple slices or a whole pie of cheesecake, carrot cake, or lemon pie – along with some freshly-ground coffee and a Hario coffee dripper – to anywhere you’d like.

FreeDom zero waste store

Credit: Maddi Bazzocco (@maddibazzocco) on

Credit: Maddi Bazzocco (@maddibazzocco) on

What’s a zero waste store, you ask? It’s a place where nothing is packaged – the ultimate solution to excessive waste. Once your order arrives, the courier will politely wait until you’re done transferring all your purchases to your own jars, cans, and whatnot. FreeDom sells everything you’d want for a healthy lifestyle – superfoods, nut butters, homemade soaps and detergents, spices and herbs, vegan and raw snacks, and many types of pasta, flour, pulses, and cereals. Orders of 1,000 rubles and up are delivered to anywhere in the city – so get your jars ready.

Spasibo charity store

Spasibo is a mainstay of the city’s thrift store scene. In fact, you might already be familiar with their ubiquitous teal-green containers which you can use to donate clothing and books. Even though their stores are now closed, many of the containers are still in operation; moreover, they’ve got an Instagram shop where you can stock up on clothing, kitchenware, books, jewelry, and much more. Living a zero-waste lifestyle? Good news: nothing you donate will go to waste, as everything is either resold or recycled – and the best part is that what you pay will go towards great causes, such as helping the homeless, the elderly, people with disabilities, and others in need.

Prostie Veschi

Credit: Annisa Ica (@anyctophile )on

Credit: Annisa Ica (@anyctophile )on

Prostie Veschi, or “Simple Things”, is a unique group of five workshops for people with disabilities where they work alongside carpenters, sewists, potters, artists, and chefs to create amazing household items and goods: from jams and medallions to postcards, tote bags, and ceramics. The online store currently delivers orders to any address within St. Petersburg for an added 300-rubles fee.

Chickadee Hostel

This cutesy hostel on Lomonosova St. 18, situated in a lush 19th-century apartment right across the street from ITMO University’s Lomonosova 9 campus, is offering several great options right now: no-expiration date gift cards, cheap month-long stays with breakfast, laundry, and cleaning included, and a 30% discount on bookings for summer 2020.

Out Cinema

Credit: Noom Peerapong (@imnoom) on

Credit: Noom Peerapong (@imnoom) on

Out Cinema on Kovenskiy Pereulok 14 is a film lover’s paradise: a lowkey venue where you can watch cult classics and obscure new releases in their original language. Unfortunately, they’ve had to go on an indefinite quarantine and are accepting donations on their VK page and website to help cover rent, salaries, and other expenses. If you yearn to celebrate the end of self-isolation with a nice trip to the cinema, consider donating.