Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at Annenkirche

St. Anne’s Church or Annenkirche has rightfully earned its must-visit title for the unique atmosphere and history it possesses. The somewhat gloomy gothic interiors make for a pretty unconventional concert location – quite appropriate as a start-of-the-year experience for someone about to study at such an unconventional place as ITMO. This weekend, a string orchestra will perform some of the most well-known classical pieces, including, the famous Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Maybe this could also be the chance to test the famous theory that classical music helps you study – are you ready to ace your first test?

Leningrad Bridges festival

Have you ever attended a concert… on a bridge? This weekend, you will have the chance to get this unusual experience thanks to the Leningrad Bridges festival. Stroll along the Griboyedov Canal from one bridge to the next to discover some popular young Russian artists performing in different genres, from pop to indie. If you want a more traditional open-air show experience, you can also drop by Dvor Gostinki for the festival’s closing performances on September 4. The bridge shows are free but you will need tickets for the Dvor Gostinki ones (you can get them here). Consider the weather and dress accordingly to ensure that you have a great time!

Interstellar. A concert under the stars

Credit: Петербургский Планетарий / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Credit: Петербургский Планетарий / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Sometimes, all you need is to look into the night sky to feel more hopeful and grounded, even in the nastiest of weathers. Thankfully, at St. Petersburg Planetarium you can do just that, clouds and rain in the actual sky outside notwithstanding. This weekend, you will have the opportunity to hear some soothing piano music played by one of the city’s acclaimed performers, while also enjoying the beautiful vistas of stars and galaxies. This will definitely make for a magical start to the academic year.

Staying to Help festival

This festival is all about the city’s charity projects and people helping people. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the various causes where your help – a donation or some volunteering – is needed most, as well as meet other caring people engaged in charity. September 3 is a day devoted to health and well-being. It will start at 11 am with a free yoga session, after which you will be able to take part in a swap (starting at 12 pm), join workshops about mental health and other topics (in Russian), and learn more about respective foundations and charities. On September 4, apart from another swap party and project fair (both starting at 12 pm), there will be a lecture on charity by one of the organizations. This is a great opportunity to meet some interesting people and make new friends among those actively helping others.