The Scariest Festival

Enter the mysterious park, populated by all sorts of mythical creatures, from orcs to ghosts, and you are guaranteed to get properly spooked! Don’t get too terrified, though, because you will also get to learn to carve pumpkins, get your own Halloween makeup professionally done, and take the coolest pics at specially arranged photo areas. The evening will culminate in a fire show and a costume party! All in all, this will be a celebration to remember – and definitely worth the trip to the south of the city.

Halloween concert at the planetarium

If you are into Halloween, but not necessarily into loud parties, consider spending an evening at the planetarium with a special organ show for the occasion. This time, you will get to hear musical pieces that are coated with mystery – written either by those who wished to conceal their identity or whose names are now lost to history. What we do know for sure is that their music remains our one way of getting to know their secrets.

Films, Books, Languages festival

At this event, you will have the chance to buy books in English that you cannot usually find at Russian bookstores untranslated, so if you’ve been craving a great read, this is the place to go. Apart from this literary abundance, every evening you will get to attend a movie screening followed by a discussion, and during the day, if you are good at Russian, you will have the opportunity to learn more about learning languages or explore some cultural phenomena. Don’t forget to go here to register in advance and buy tickets for any paid event that you’d like to visit.

Brustnytsyn’s birthday celebration

Yet another party for the weekend, this time not Halloween-related: the current owners of Brusnitsyn Art Quarter are celebrating the birthday of Brusnitsyn Jr., the son of the founder of the 19th century leather workshop that now provides a space for local businesses. At the event, there will be a performance by Upsala-Circus, who will teach visitors to juggle and perform tricks, an exhibition of works by leather artists where you will get to make your own jewelry at free workshops, and lectures on conscious consumption (in Russian). Moreover, as usual, there will be pleasant music by local DJs, an abundance of food, and even a quest of the new art space.