A recent student project, developed as part of a grant contest, has brought promising results: a team from ITMO’s Higher School of Digital Culture used computer vision to significantly improve an algorithm designed to detect lung cancer in CT scans. Their program is currently capable of analyzing an image with 99% accuracy within a mere 0.38 seconds – and has been tested on over 10,000 medical scans.

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Tech & AI

In late July, ITMO received a visit from Maxim Reshetnikov, the Russian Minister of Economic Development, who arrived on campus to meet with the heads of six major AI research centers, all established as part of a state initiative on the development of artificial intelligence technologies. As part of the discussion, the politician was introduced to numerous projects developed at ITMO.

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At the recent INNOPROM expo in Yekaterinburg, engineers from ITMO and their partners at the engineering software company ASCON presented their latest project: a mock-up smart factory that promises to amplify production and streamline planning with the help of modern tech.

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Credit: Angela Compagnone (@angelacompagnone) via Unsplash

Credit: Angela Compagnone (@angelacompagnone) via Unsplash

Site planning is hardly an easy task – and doubly so when it comes to building new industrial facilities in the Arctic region. That’s when the new AI solution from ITMO’s Intelligent Urban Planning Technologies Laboratory comes in handy: the user-friendly algorithm takes into account the unique landscape, climate, and other conditions of that faraway locale to deliver a comprehensive 3D model. Each generated design is interactive, highly detailed, and can be produced within less than an hour.

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As a teen, Evgeny Nekrasov lost his vision and the use of his right hand. Today, he has already worked as a developer at VK before launching his own startup and contributed to the creation of ITMO’s first program in programming for the visually impaired. ITMO.NEWS recently spoke to the young specialist about his life story and latest project – a smart armband for the visually impaired. 

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In 2019, ITMO launched the Startup as Thesis initiative, encouraging graduate students to channel their newly-acquired competencies into new business projects. This year, a record-breaking 104 students took advantage of this unique opportunity. The subjects of their startups ranged from smart homes and holography to agriculture and green tech. Explore these projects in depth via the link below.

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