Out of the total of 286 applications from 76 Russian regions, only 40 student organizations were named winners in the competition (they represent 27 regions); ten of them will be awarded 5 million rubles each, another ten – 3 million rubles each, and all others will receive 1 million rubles per organization. Participants were evaluated based on their experience of organizing scientific events, wins in regional and federal competitions, and publications by young scientists over the past two years. With 95 points, ITMO landed in the first category of winners, securing 5 million rubles. Only one university, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, earned more points in the competition, leading by 1.5 points.

“At ITMO, we use a comprehensive approach to engaging young people in research. Apart from annual conferences organized by the university, including the Congress of Young Scientists and the Young Professionals conference, which make it possible for students to do science starting from their first year, we also host competitions for funding – so that students can develop applied projects or assemble interdisciplinary teams for complex research. Moreover, every year, we help over 1,500 students find jobs by joining the university’s research projects and receiving salaries for their contributions,” shared Vladimir Nikiforov, ITMO’s Vice Rector for Research.

In 2022 and 2023, ITMO held over 30 events. Among them is the Congress of Young Scientists, which regularly brings together over 2,000 school and university students from all over Russia to present their projects. Another notable event is the competition of practice-oriented R&D projects, winners of which receive not only funding, but also assistance with paperwork and team management.

Photo by Dmitry Grigoryev / ITMO.NEWS

Photo by Dmitry Grigoryev / ITMO.NEWS

This year, in addition to these traditional annual events, the university is planning to organize a pitch battle, scientific tours, and workshops on science communication and public speaking. The full list of planned events can be found on the website of ITMO’s Student Research Association (page in Russian). 

“The Student Research Association is one of the platforms for students’ creative and professional growth in research and innovations. Our projects help future scientists get their first practical experience and see where they’d like to grow in the future. Winning this competition by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education is an indication that we are moving in the right direction,” says Oleg Eliseev, the head of ITMO’s Center for Student Science, Conferences, and Exhibitions.

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