Who can participate?

All students. However, each course has its own requirements. Mostly, they concern the applicant’s English proficiency (you might need a certificate as a proof) and level of expertise – usually, applicants must be at least in their second year of studies. Some programs require academic performance evaluation, and for others, a motivation letter is enough. When it comes to tuition fees, some universities have decreased or eliminated them due to the fact that most courses will take place online. However, most of them are still fee-based.

ITMO University students can participate in the competition for partial funding support. All tuition-free students with English language proficiency (at least B2 level) can take part. If you don’t have a certificate and English isn’t your native language, you can sign up for an English language test at ITMO University here. Your application must be submitted at least a week before the chosen summer school starts and after you have received an invitation. ITMO University can reimburse no more than 70% of your expenses (afterwards). You can follow the deadlines for summer schools on ISU. 

Credit: shutterstock.com
Credit: shutterstock.com

ELC Summer Online Program, University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA 

When: July 1-29, 2020

Application deadline: June 10

Tuition fee: application fee – $50 and $100; $499 and $1,000 for a course 

Description: courses in business analytics, business communications, big data analytics, and American culture by the English Language Center. More information and registration links are available here

Virtual Summer Festival of Learning, University of Cambridge, the UK

When: the first intake – July 6-10, the second intake – July 13-17, the intake launch – July 20-24, 2020.

Application deadline: for the first intake – June 29, for the second intake – July 6, for the third intake – July 13 

Tuition fee: £75 for a course

Description: more than 80 short-term courses in various fields. For example, there are courses in nanobiotechnology in healthcare, international business, and cryptography. You can register for several of them; the full list is available here. You can also join open lectures and discussions that will take place as part of the festival.

UAB Barcelona Summer School, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

UAB Barcelona Summer School. Credit: twitter.com
UAB Barcelona Summer School. Credit: twitter.com

When: June 22-July 10, 2020

Application deadline: June 12

Tuition fee: €840

Description: courses in various fields, such as bioethics, nanoscience, negotiation, programming, and so on. You can find the full list and registration links here.

Tallinn Summer School, Tallinn University, Estonia

Tallinn Summer School
Tallinn Summer School

When: July 13-31, 2020

Application deadline: June 15, apply here 

Tuition fee: €200–450 for a course

Description: courses on game design and robotics, as well as several courses on management and entrepreneurship will be available online. You can find the full list of courses here.

Innovation Districts. Discovering the Elements that Boost Knowledge-Based Economies, Münster University of Applied Sciences, Germany

When: July 6-17, 2020

Application deadline: TBA. You have to fill out the application form in order to apply.

Tuition fee: free of charge

Description: The participants will attend lectures on innovations and entrepreneurship, and then will apply acquired skills in team projects. More information here.

Tampere Summer School, University of Tampere, Finland

Tampere Summer School
Tampere Summer School

When: August 3-14, 2020

Application deadline: June 7. In order to apply, you have to fill out the application form and write a motivation letter (up to 500 words) 

Tuition fee: €210–525 depending on the course 

Description: This year, 16 courses will take place online. Among them are courses on sustainable business, cross-cultural marketing and management, as well as innovative entrepreneurship. You can find the full list here. Attending several courses is possible as long as their schedules don’t intersect. However, in this case you will need to write several motivation letters (one for each course). 

EIT Digital Summer School, European Institute of Innovation and Technology

EIT Digital Summer School
EIT Digital Summer School

When: the first intake – August 2-15 and the second intake – August 16-29, 2020

Application deadline: June 7, apply here 

Tuition fee: €800

Description: courses on digital urban studies, economics, and medicine, covering such topics as digital technologies in urban environment and administration, as well as machine learning and big data as applied to business. All courses were created in collaboration with leading European universities, such as the Technical University of Munich, Tallinn University of Technology, Aalto University, the Technical University of Madrid, and others. The full list of courses is available here.

VU Amsterdam Summer School, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands

VU Amsterdam Summer School. Credit: linkedin.com
VU Amsterdam Summer School. Credit: linkedin.com

When: the first intake – July 6-17, 2020, the second intake – July 20-31, 2020 

Application deadline: June 15, the application form is available here. You need to attach your CV and transcript of records.

Tuition fee: €500 for a course

Description: two-week-long courses on artificial intelligence, organizational behavior management, open-source big data analytics, and so on. You can find the full list of courses here

Digital Methods Summer School, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

When: June 29-July 3, 2020 

Application deadline: June 10. In order to apply, you need to send a one-page letter on how this course will help your research and your CV. It’s a project-based course. These open lectures are advised to be watched beforehand.

Tuition fee: €395

Description: this school covers the topic of digital methods for social network and media analytics. This year, the courses will be focused on moderation across platforms and social media manipulation. More information is available here

UvA Summer School, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Credit: shutterstock.com
Credit: shutterstock.com

Urban Studies

When: July 20-21, 2020

Application deadline: June 14. In order to apply, you need to write a motivation letter (about 250 words), as well as attach your transcript of records and CV. Bachelor’s students of at least second year of studies, Master’s and PhD students are welcome to apply. 

Tuition fee: application fee – €25, plus €250 for a course 

Description: introduction to urban studies and urban sustainability as part of the bigger multidisciplinary course. More information is available here

Barcelona International Summer School, Pompeu Fabra University, Spain

When: July 6-17, 2020 

Application deadline: June 19. Bachelor’s students of at least second year with high academic performance are welcome to apply. You will need to attach your transcript of records. Application process is described here.

Tuition fee: €150 – application fee, €550–1,750 for a course 

Description: several courses are available online, for example, the one on social innovation and entrepreneurship and the one on statistical computing in R. You can find the full list of courses here.

Ljubljana Summer School, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana Summer School
Ljubljana Summer School

When: July 6-20, 2020

Application deadline: June 19, apply here

Tuition fee: €360 for a course 

Description: most courses are about business management, marketing, and financial sphere. However, there are also courses on blockchain economics and big data analytics. You can find the full list here

Aalto University Summer School on Transportation, Aalto University, Finland 

When: August 24-September 4, 2020

Application deadline: June 15. You need to fill out this form, as well as write a motivation letter and attach your CV. Master’s and PhD students in the field of urban studies are welcome to apply. 

Tuition fee: free

Description: The school is arranged in collaboration with the City of Helsinki and Espoo, as well as with EIT Urban Mobility. Its full description is available here

Online Summer School Writing and Presentation Skills for Engineers, Aalto University, Finland

When: dates vary from July 30 to September 11

Application deadline: TBA, apply here

Tuition fee: €200–600 for a course; free for students nominated by ITMO University. In order to apply, contact ITMO Academic Mobility Support Office via email short-term@itmo.ru

Description: English language courses based on communication theory and self-presentation skills for Bachelor’s students with technical background. More information is available here.