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  • Gennady Korotkevich Wins Google Code Jam Fourth Time in a Row

    ITMO University’s Master’s student Gennady Korotkevich has set a new record as the four-time winner of the international programming competition Google Code Jam. Evgeny Kapun, a PhD student at ITMO, took 5th place. The final round of the competition took place in Dublin on 11th August and lasted four hours. One day earlier, the Distributed Code Jam competition was also held in Ireland, in which Evgeny Kapun took second place, and Pavel Mavrin, a tutor at the Computer Technology Department at ITMO, took fourth place


  • Fintech Cup 2017 Lets Teams Compete for Chance to Work With Financial Giants

    Students, postgraduates and alumni who want to improve their financial technologies-related skills, work with real-world problems, listen to expert opinions as well as find employers and future partners, are welcome to join the competition on June 24. Over the course of three stages, teams from all over Russia will compete in two categories of choice: business analytics and software development in the field of financial technologies. The competition is sponsored by the international payment service QIWI, VTB24 bank, Bank Otkritie and ITMO University’s Institute of Cyber Technologies for Financial Systems (ITMO.Fintech). Read on to find out more about the competition’s rules, participation conditions and cases.


  • Faculty of Secondary Education Holds School Olympics on Occasion of Confederations Cup

    Last Friday ITMO University’s Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education (FSVE) held its first multidisciplinary School Olympics in honor of the upcoming Confederations Cup. More than 300 students and alumni of FSVE came to test their skills at tug of war and best each other in darts and relay racing. The competition’s main event was the football tournament.


  • Art Debut: ITMO's Robotics School Team Wins RoboCupNationals

    ITMO's Robotics School Team got 1st place in the recent RoboCup Russia Open-2017 that took place in Tomsk. Under the guidance of their trainer Igor Lositskiy, staff member for the Department of Computer Science and Control Systems, the team built and programmed a robot named Seldon who plays ukulele, sings songs and waves to its fans. Seldon won over the hearts of the RoboCup OnStage's jury, the category where robots had to be part of a stage play. 


  • Battle of the Capitals: St. Petersburg Takes Home the Prize

    The first-ever Tournament for Two Capitals in robotics, held in Moscow, culminated in a grand relay race that combined elements of all the tasks from previous stages of the competition. In a tense, but joyful race the select team from St. Petersburg gained victory. Over the course of the tournament, the children learned not only how to solve engineering and software issues on the spot, but also how to work in a team, support each other and root for others, even their rivals. The aspiring robot builders were supported by their trainers, who were just as anxious about the outcome as the players themselves and their families and friends.