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  • Tournament of Two Capitals: Promoting Robotics To The Young

    The second Tournament of Two Capitals, a robotics competition that brings together school students from St. Petersburg and Moscow, has recently taken place at ITMO University. Select teams from Russia’s two capitals competed in four categories, as well as the secret “Fifth Element” challenge. This time, the perpetual trophy went to Moscow. ITMO.NEWS learned how the competition contributes to promoting robotics and how different teams train for it.


  • DreamDorm.Shine Contest: Prove YOUR Room is the Best!

    The DreamDorm.Shine contest has launched at ITMO University. Its goal is to encourage students to treat their dormitory with care, develop their communication skills and promote cooperation. In this endeavor they will be assisted by ITMO’s Student Dorm Council, which has recently won the second place in a city-wide competition for the best university & college student dorm council of St. Petersburg.


  • “I am a Professional” Competition Starts

    On December 1, the first qualifying online round of the countrywide “I am a Professional” competition was launched. More than 200,000 participants from all over Russia signed up for the competition; the Computer Science subject area, curated by ITMO University,  is among its most popular tracks.


  • More Than 50 Thousand Students Apply for "I am a Professional" Contest in a Week

    The registration of participants for an All-Russian student contest "I am a professional" continues. 50 thousand students from all over Russia will try their chances and apply for the best master’s and Ph.D. programs of the leading Russian universities and present their projects to the best employers in the industry. Students from 550 Russian towns already applied for the contest in just one week. Most of the applications came from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg.


  • ITMO Robotics Team Gets Gold at World Robot Olympiad 2017

    The World Robot Olympiad (WRO-2017) has just come to a close in Costa Rica. The international competition for talented school and university students involves participants from more than 60 countries. ITMO’s team of school students, led by coach Igor Lositskiy, has won the gold medal in the Open category’s Senior age group. Russian teams have also claimed gold medals in all three age groups of the Regular category (as well as both silver and bronze in the Elementary age group), the bronze medal in the Robot Football competition and another gold medal in the Open category.


  • WorldSkills: How World-Class Specialists are Trained in Russia

    At the international skill competition WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017, Russia’s select team has placed first according to its total score with 11 medals and 21 medallions of excellence. Vadim Polyakov, who trained for two years at ITMO’s Center of Competencies, won the gold medal in the category “Refrigeration and Air Conditioning”. Over the years of its operation, the Center has prepared numerous champions of skills competitions – even though only five years ago very few people in Russia knew what the WorldSkills standards are and what skills every modern professional has to possess. Andrey Pivinskiy, member of the WorldSkills Russia expert council, explains how Russia has learned to train champions in just a few years and why WorldSkills is important for universities and the industry.


  • ITMO Team Shows Great Results at 10th Internet Mathematics Olympiad for Students

    From October 16 to 19, the Ariel University in Israel hosted the Super Final of 10th International Internet Mathematics Olympiad; this was the first time that ITMO University students participated in this event, which brought together over a hundred students from 24 universities around the world.


  • ITMO Students Gear Up For Convoluted Machine Competition

    ITMO University’s team “Arikaton” has qualified for the final stage of the Goldberg Cup, Russia’s first competition for creators of Goldberg machines – overly complicated contraptions that perform simple tasks. The team will present a machine that displays the movie “IT”, decorated in the film’s style. The competition values unique construction and unusual visual style of the machines. Its mission is to encourage young people to think creatively, build things and approach ordinary tasks from new angles.


  • “I’m a Professional” Academic Competition Offers Opportunities to Russian Students

    The first National Olympiad for university students "I’m a Professional" was just announced. This special academic competition aims to create new opportunities for talented students across Russia. The winners will be able to continue their education in leading Russian universities and begin careers in large companies.


  • Promising Projects: ITMO to Fund Innovative Ideas by Young Scientists (Part 1)

    In late September, the public sessions of selection panel of R&TD projects were held at ITMO University. Over the two days, young scientists presented more than 20 projects; the winners will receive financing from ITMO University. ITMO.NEWS is here to describe the winning projects and their developers’ visions for the future.