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  • From ITMO Student to Tech Pro: How to Land a Dream Job Before Graduation

    It’s been a year and a half since Mikhail Maltsev started working at Yandex, but he is just now approaching his graduation from ITMO. Read on to discover his advice on how students can get into a major tech company, what to expect at the interview, and how to secure an offer after a successful internship.


  • Yandex’s New Contest Lets Students Try Their Hand at Teaching IT

    Yandex Academy, the tech company’s educational branch, has launched a contest which lets Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD students enrolled in IT-related programs aid their lecturers. The winners will be offered a temporary position as teaching assistants for the next one or two semesters. The application deadline is May 22. Keep reading to find out more about the various responsibilities that this job entails.


  • A Perfect CV: Land Your First Job With These Tips from Sberbank Experts

    Even though competition for jobs in IT is infamously tough, your CV can help secure your job prospects among thousands of similar specialists on the job market. Learn how to compile one with the tips shared by experts from Sberbank at the educational forum It’s Your Call! 


  • PhD Student Anna Baldina: You Get to Feel 100% Fulfilled and Happy at ITMO

    Having entered ITMO as a Master’s student, Anna Baldina started doing research from the get-go. During her studies here, she developed the concepts and curricula for two Master’s and one Bachelor’s program. Moreover, she was part of the team behind the university’s new major research unit, the Infochemistry Scientific Center. Since then, Anna has had the chance to work in the industry and opted to return to ITMO to continue with her studies and research career, fulfilling her childhood dream of being paid to study. Why did she choose science over industry? And what career prospects does she see at ITMO? Find the answers in this ITMO.NEWS interview.


  • How to Find Your Path in IT and Land Your First Job

    In a recent report, career marketplace Dice revealed that the top three most in-demand specialists in the first half of 2022 were software engineer, data engineer, and data analyst. How can you find your career path in IT among dozens of jobs you can do? What can you do to prepare for your first job in the field as a student or as an experienced professional transferring from another career? These questions were discussed by IT and recruiting experts at Yandex’s Yet another Conference on Education. Read on for their tips and advice.


  • Student Spotlight: Alonso Arbildo Prieto, Peru

    Did you know that ITMO is home to many international students from South America? Today, we are diving deep into a conversation with Alonso, a first-year Master’s student of technoscience, innovation, and economy. In this interview, he shares his experience of traveling to St. Petersburg, his biggest cultural shock, and his hobbies.


  • Study and Teach: How to Become a Top-Notch Lecturer with ITMO.Mentors

    From 2020 onwards, ITMO has been offering the ITMO.Mentors program for Master’s and PhD students striving to teach and potentially pursue their career at ITMO University. As part of the program, students study the basics of teaching and explore existing educational programs to assist current lecturers in the classroom. Why should students join the project? And what new features are we likely to see this year? Let’s find out.


  • ITMO Graduate Alexandra Zavorovskaya On Finding Her Path in UX Design and Teaching Through Practice

    ITMO isn't just a place where you can learn, but also a place to share your knowledge with others. For instance, the DesArm student club for design enthusiasts hosts free workshops and other educational events. Recently, ITMO graduate and lead designer Alexandra Zavorovskaya has launched her own workshop at the club. In this interview, we talk about Alexandra’s path in the field of design, the essential qualities of amateur designers, and  her experience of teaching design through practice.


  • PI + Team: ITMO Announces Project Competition for Future Lab Founders

    ITMO University is launching an open call for research teams wishing to run their own laboratories at the university. The winners will receive grants of up to 30 million rubles that can be spent on the development of a lab at ITMO. Read on to learn how to apply and what to expect from the PI + Team competition. 


  • ITMO.EduLeaders Winner Andrey Kudlis on Why Study Physics

    Physics is good for your mind, believes Andrey Kudlis, a junior researcher at ITMO’s School of Physics and Engineering. He became interested in science when he was still in 10th grade and then he decided to devote his life to it. Now, Andrey is a researcher and a physics lecturer who helps his students immerse into the world of science from the very start. Not so long ago, he developed a project that lets students study various phenomena experimentally and learn how to write papers for top-rated international journals. The project was highly acclaimed by the expert board of the ITMO.EduLeaders contest. ITMO.NEWS talked to Andrey Kudlis to learn more about what he does to motivate his students and how science applies to everyday life.