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  • App Developed by an ITMO Student Won the VK Mini Apps Contest

    Simply Eco (Эко просто) is a project based on a VK page and a mini app. It was created by students from several St. Petersburg universities, including ITMO University. They discussed the features of the app with us and explained how it helps to become environmentally friendly.


  • Russia's Most Popular Social Media Platforms

    Let’s be honest, we are all Internet addicts here. We spend every second of our days online (okay, maybe except those times when we're asleep), watching videos, browsing social media, and swiping our lives away on tablets and smartphones. Everyone knows these: YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok – they feel like second homes to us. But, wait, what do you really know about social media in Russia? Is it even a thing? Today, you drew a lucky straw, we will be your guides (and part-time MythBusters) to the mysterious world of social media in Russia.


  • ITMO University Develops App For Online March of the “Immortal Regiment”

    Earlier in the year, the pandemic brought serious changes to the lives of people all over the world and led to the cancellation or rescheduling of many events. Among other things, the epidemiological situation makes it impossible to conduct marches of the “Immortal Regiment,” a tradition that many Russians have already become accustomed to. Its organizers decided to conduct the event online and give people the opportunity to remember their veteran relatives and tell their stories. Specialists from ITMO’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies helped them by proposing to conduct the event online using the framework of their app HowWeSurvive.


  • New Apps for the New Year

    Who doesn’t love a good app? “There’s an app for that” used to be something you’d jokingly say about an outlandish idea, but in 2020 that statement is a universal truth. Enjoy this short line-up of some of our staff’s favorite recent discoveries of the mobile variety.


  • Apps to Make Your Student Life Easier

    Today, it is not only lecturers and tutors that help us with our education, but digital assistants, as well. ITMO.NEWS decided to do a review on various services and applications that make the educational process simpler and more accessible, and can be easily introduced into a classical everyday educational format.


  • Two-Minute Beach Cleans and Plastic-Identifying AI: How Citizen Science Combats Plastic Waste in Oceans

    Plastic waste has become a global environmental threat. The production of plastic has seen exponential growth, increasing from 1.7 million tons in the 1950s to 335 million tons in 2016 (PlasticsEurope 2017). Incorrect disposal of this material leads to a stark upsurge of its presence in natural environments. Information about the rapidly escalating situation with marine waste is crucial for finding a solution to this global crisis and saving thousands of animal species. That’s why today a range of citizen science projects have emerged that aim to gather data about marine pollution and step up volunteer effort to clean away the rubbish where it is possible. This article presents some of the local projects by participating in which you can contribute to the solution of the global issue in question.


  • 7 Apps That Will Boost Your Resume

    When applying for a new job, you want to make an excellent first impression, and a nice resume can really make a difference. All you have to do is to put your strengths and achievements in a good light. Here are some great template-based apps that can give your resume a professional edge.


  • ‘I Want to Create Something that Really Matters’: ITMO University’s First-Year Student On Developing Socially Significant Apps

    Artur Shaikhatarov is ITMO University first-year student who has already come up with two mobile apps aimed at helping people with special needs communicate. Having won a host of scientific conferences and contests in his home Bashkortostan, Artur continues to develop his innovative projects in Moscow. But he chose St. Petersburg as his study destination. ITMO.NEWS met the programming whizzkid to discover what was the motivation behind his projects, what was his school experience like, and why he decided to pursue his education in St. Petersburg.


  • Vacation With a Purpose: Science Tourism and Citizen Science

    Summer is already on the wane, but we still have almost a month of holidays left. For those who’ve become fed up with lazing on some beach and can't think of abandoning science and research even during their vacation, we’ve prepared a list of citizen science activities that will help make the most of their time.


  • HEX Hackathon: 32 Hours to Make the World a Better Place

    More than 300 programmers from all over the world took part in last month's HEX Hackathon in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). HEX is coordinated by Major League Hacking (MLH), a student hackathon league. The participants of HEX Hackathon had only 32 hours to come up with the most creative solution in one of its ten tracks. Team Marvin from ITMO University chose the Future Society track and proposed an application that would help charity organisations to recruit volunteers and allow people to find charity work inside their communities. The team was awarded the second place by an expert jury that included experts from the Bloomberg company, the track’s coordinator.