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  • Life in World of Resonances

    Half a century ago, an Italian physicist Ugo Fano published a paper where he described a type of resonance with a distinctive asymmetrical profile which emerges as a result of an interference of two wave processes. Many years later, his research became one of the most cited articles of the 20th century. Recently, scientists from ITMO University, Ioffe Institute and the Australian National University Mikhail F. Limonov, Mikhail V. Rybin, Alexander N. Poddubny and Yuri S. Kivshar published a review of the problems and accomplishments of using the Fano effect in modern photonics in the Nature Photonics magazine. Mr. Limonov shared about the review and possible applications of the Fano resonance in an interview to ITMO.NEWS.


  • Mountaineers Name Peak After ITMO University

    This summer, Vadim Veiko, head of ITMO University’s Department of Laser Technologies and Systems, who has been a mountaineer for more than 50 years, and Alexei Orudzhev, an ITMO alum, engineer and a mountaineering club trainer, have successfully climbed an unexplored peak in the Pamir Mountains, located at 4729 meters above the sea level. The previously unnamed mountain, located near the Lenin Peak, now bears the name of ITMO University Peak. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, Veiko speaks about their journey, routes, riding on horseback, lasers and volcanoes.


  • RoboCup-2017: ITMO School Team Gets Novice Award

    ​From July 25 to 30th, RoboCup-2017 finals were held in Nagoya, Japan. This year, for the first time in the university's history, two teams from ITMO took part in the final stage of the famous tournament. Despite being newcomers, ITMO University's School Team earned its first award - the Novice Award in the On Stage category of the RoboCup Junior league. Team members and their trainers spoke to us about how they prepared for the international contest and what difficulties awaited them at the tournament.


  • ITMO Goes 350 Positions Up in Webometrics Top Universities by Google Scholar Citations Subranking

    On May 26th, the results of the June version of the international academic ranking Webometrics Top Universities by Google Scholar Citations that assesses citation rates of universities' academic staff was published. ITMO University went up 350 positions and is now on the 841th place worldwide and 5th among Russian universities.


  • Programming the Future: ITMO University’s 2016 Annual Report

    For ITMO University, 2016 has been a year of international recognition, opening of new laboratories, rapid increase in publications in prestigious magazines and conducting large-scale science festivals in the very heart of St. Petersburg. Read more about the key events in the university's life in the 2016’s annual report.


  • ITMO Student Wins Phil.Tech Accelerator’s Marathon of Ideas

    ITMO University’s Master’s program student Roman Malyushkin is the winner of the Marathon of Ideas that was held on July 8 in St. Petersburg as part of the Phil.Tech accelerator organized by Rybakov Foundation in collaboration with ITMO University. The student developed the concept of a service that would make work easier for medical centers, blood banks and volunteers and would help donors avoid lines and stay up-to-date on the upcoming blood drive events.


  • Andrey Stankevich: Komsomolskaya Pravda’s Media-Person of the Year

    On July 4 the St. Petersburg office of Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper announced the thirteen winners of its “Media-Person of the Year – 2017” awards that are given to notable subjects of the year’s news stories. In summer, celebrities gather at Krestovsky Island for the award ceremony. One of this year’s winners is Andrey Stankevich - Associate Professor at ITMO’s Computer Technologies Department and coach for ITMO’s programming team. His protégés have become winners of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest on seven occasions – a world record that is yet to be broken.


  • ITMO Team Wins First Place at National Robotics Olympiad

    From June 23 to 25 the final stage of the Russian Olympiad in Programming of Intelligent Robotic Systems was held for the fourth time in the city of Innopolis (Republic of Tatarstan). The Olympiad features contestants from all over the country and thus serves as the Russian qualification round for the World Robot Olympiad. ITMO University’s team and their forest pathologist robot Forester secured the first place in one of the competition’s categories.


  • ITMO to Enter New Academic Year with New Athletic Field

    On June 23, on the International Olympic Day, ITMO University’s students’ sports club “KronBars” was awarded a certificate for the construction of an outdoor athletic field by the Russian Association of Students’ Sports Clubs (RASSC). This means that starting with the new academic year, every student of ITMO University will have the opportunity to use the outdoor sports complex that will be constructed in the inner courtyard of one of the university’s buildings on 11 Lomonosova St. The opening ceremony is set for September 2017 of this year. The athletic field will feature various exercise equipment, split-level pull-up bars, parallel bars, crunch benches and many more.


  • QS World University Rankings: ITMO Among Top 2% of World’s Universities

    ITMO University has made its debut in QS World University Rankings, placed 601-650 in the global ranking. This year the QS company evaluated more than 4,300 higher education institutions for its ranking, of which 980 have ended up in the final list – 62 more than last year. There are approximately 26,000 universities in the world, meaning that ITMO University is among the world’s top 2%. This spring, ITMO University also made its debut in QS’s Subject Rankings being placed 351-400 in two subjects: Computer Science & Information Systems and Physics & Astronomy.