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  • Startup Veteran on Beginners’ Common Mistakes: A Founder’s Main KPI is Staying Alive

    Steve Korshakov helped make a messenger for, won competitions set up by Telegram, and worked as a programmer for JetBrains. Yet what he considers his biggest achievement are the projects he developed on his own. Korshakov has founded half a dozen startups and acquired valuable experience through winning, losing, and partnering up with America’s top accelerator Y Combinator. Today, he is the CTO of Openland, a business messenger app. As part of the Expert Week at the Yasnaya Polyana coworking space, Korshakov shared his tips for fledgling entrepreneurs, warned them of the industry’s pitfalls, and explained how one can become partner to the world’s biggest accelerator.


  • Anton Gopka, General Partner of ATEM Capital Becomes Dean of Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations

    Anton Gopka, general partner and co-founder of ATEM Capital, has become Dean of the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations. In the past years, he’s completed a whole series of hi-tech projects, was a managing partner of Russia’s biggest fund in the field of Life Sciences and worked with hundreds of startups in the USA, Western Europe and Russia. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, he spoke about business, his plans as a new dean, his perception of an ecosystem for technological entrepreneurship and the features that Russian startups are currently lacking.


  • MemSQL Founder Nikita Shamgunov: Companies Fight for Time Users Spend in Front of Their Screens

    400 million dollars is, hands down, a huge wad of money. It is also the price of the company MemSQL, which specializes in database accelerators. Now a big name in the field, it was founded by a former Microsoft and Facebook engineer Nikita Shamgunov, who took it to the world’s largest business incubator for startups, Y Combinator. Having gained support of the influential tech investor Yuri Milner and achieved large contracts with Sony, Uber and Samsung, the entrepreneur doesn’t think of stopping anytime soon. In a recent interview with The Bell, he shared about his educational background, sports programming wins and plans for the future. ITMO.NEWS put down the keynotes.


  • Founder of Aleksander Alkhov on the ABC of Entrepreneurship

    What is the proper way to conduct market analysis? How does one come up with a market strategy? Upon entering the market, many fledgling entrepreneurs fail to come up with a thorough strategy and disregard many instruments that would help them to succeed. Eventually, the ignorance of simple concepts can lead to bankruptcy, believes Aleksander Alkhov, founder of the educational service and specialist in marketing and promotion of companies on national and international markets. At a recent workshop for ITMO’s Future Technologies accelerator, the expert expanded on budding entrepreneurs’ typical mistakes and spoke about the first steps for promoting one’s product.


  • ITMO Master’s Student on Using Robots in Medicine

    There are many fields where you can develop your career; what you have to do is to find your niche and work hard – this is what experts say about the opportunities for professional development both in Russia and abroad, and what ITMO University Master’s student Yury Loshenko did. His field of interest is robotics, and especially robots in medicine. Such devices are in high demand in our country, however there aren’t enough companies out there making them. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Yury Loshenko shares about the importance of robotics and finding your own way.


  • Business Games, or How to Pass Exams Without Taking Exams and Get a Job Without an Interview

    Last Saturday, ITMO hosted a business game with second-year Master’s students of the University’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations stepping in as participants. The judges’ panel included department heads of Gazprom Neft, a top-three largest oil-producing company in Russia, one of the aims of whom was to select students to be employed at the company. ITMO.NEWS reports on why games such as this need to be included in the education process and whether it is real for a student to become part of Gazprom Neft.


  • Entrepreneurial Culture: A Look Into the New General Course at ITMO

    The past semester at ITMO University was marked by the introduction of a new set of core disciplines called Entrepreneurial Culture. As part of the initiative, 1,800 out of all 2,500 first-year Master’s students attended the course “Project Management” taught by 30+ staff members of ITMO’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations (FTMI) and the Institute of Entrepreneurship, professional trainers and entrepreneurs.


  • Neural Network-Generated Illustrations and Food Delivery App for the Visually Impaired: Teens in Tech School at ITMO

    Teens in Tech, a school of technological entrepreneurship for high school students, was recently held at ITMO University. During the course of four days, the school’s participants listened to lectures, solved various tasks and worked on their own projects. Read about the most exciting ones in this article.


  • OPORA RUSSIA: Championing Technological Entrepreneurship

    Universities and development institutions have discussed the latest trends in technological entrepreneurship at the ‘Small Business as a National Project’ forum which took place in Moscow last week. The forum is an annual entrepreneurial gathering organized by ‘OPORA RUSSIA’, a national platform for an effective dialogue between the business community, federal and regional authorities, supervisory boards, and experts. Participants discussed the pressing issues of how to facilitate the development of business skills in school and university students, what knowledge graduates are lacking in from the viewpoint of real economy, and how to upscale successful practices on conducting entrepreneurial education. 


  • Start Your Business and Unleash Your Creativity: New Online Course by ITMO University

    Olga Tikhomirova, an associate professor at ITMO’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations, has developed an online course “Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries” (in Russian) aimed at helping creative industry representatives to launch their own business and encourage entrepreneurs to use creative solutions in their work. The course kicked off on October 15, but you can still enroll. In this interview, Olga Tikhomirova told ITMO.NEWS about the course and explained why it is important not only for its students but for the creative economy in general.


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