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  • ITMO University Shines at TechCrunch International Robotics Conference

    In December 2017, ITMO University started to collaborate with the British company TRA Robotics. Since then, they have been working on several joint projects in the field of robotics. In the middle of May, Berkeley, United States, hosted one of the world's most prestigious conferences in the field of robotics, TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics 2018. ITMO University and TRA Robotics presented their joint projects, a prototype of versatile industrial grasping device “UHVAT”, and an algorithm of sensorless force/torque regulation for robotic arms.


  • Michio Kaku on Digital Future: Should We Fear Robots?

    The next wave of scientific and technological progress will be based on molecular biology, biotech, AI and nanotechnology, says Michio Kaku, a physicist, co-founder of string field theory and popularizer of science. In his talk at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Prof. Kaku described a high-tech future complete with digital immortality and perfect capitalism. Do robots know they’re different from humans? What professions will soon be obsolete forever? Will we ever get a chance to chat with Albert Einstein? ITMO.NEWS provides a summary of the scientist’s predictions of the future.


  • Winners of National Competition to go to RoboCup Asia-Pacific

    The RoboCup Russia Open robotics championships was held for the third time, in Tomsk, where 118 teams from 11 regions in Russia participated. For three days, from 13 to 15 April, at the site of the national stage of world robotic championships RoboCup, various robots competed: lifeguards, football players, actors. The school team of ITMO University participated for the first time in the category Humanoid KidSize Soccer League (university level) and took first place. 


  • Dean of Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics Anton Pyrkin Named “Professor of the Year”

    Last Monday the awards ceremony for the “Professor of the Year” award in natural science was held. The award is given out by the Russian Professor Council and St. Petersburg State University. Anton Pyrkin, Dean of ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics was this year’s winner of the title. As an ITMO graduate, he had worked in the industry before returning to his alma mater to work in academia. He spoke to ITMO.NEWS about robotics in the early 2000’s, how science can be more exciting than business and what modern education should teach about technology.


  • Russian And German Students Collaborate On An Industry 4.0 Project

    According to the estimates from the World Bank and General Electrics, the widely discussed Industry 4.0 can bring the world’s economy up to 30 trillion dollars. Even though fully-automated operations where robots and program agents are solely responsible for the production cycle are still more of a dream than reality, some of Europe’s top companies have already started to introduce Industry 4.0 concepts in their work. A model of a multi-agent system is now being developed by ITMO students in collaboration with their colleagues from Hochschule Emden/Leer. ITMO.NEWS interviewed them about the project.


  • ITMO Student on Building Robots, Dancing with Nobel Winners and Being on Chinese TV

    This year, Valery Chernov enrolled at ITMO’s Department of Computer Science and Control Systems in an experimental program with unique educational tracks. This December, he was the only Russian representative at the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS), which coincides with the Nobel Prize festivities and is held annually since 1976. During the event, participants presented their research, attended lectures by Nobel Prize laureates, discussed the relevant issues and even danced with some of the world’s brightest minds.


  • Tournament of Two Capitals: Promoting Robotics To The Young

    The second Tournament of Two Capitals, a robotics competition that brings together school students from St. Petersburg and Moscow, has recently taken place at ITMO University. Select teams from Russia’s two capitals competed in four categories, as well as the secret “Fifth Element” challenge. This time, the perpetual trophy went to Moscow. ITMO.NEWS learned how the competition contributes to promoting robotics and how different teams train for it.


  • ITMO’s Team Wins Europe’s Largest Robotics Contest Robotex 2017

    ITMO’s freshmen’s team won the first place at Robotex-2017 competition, which has recently become the largest robotics competition in Europe. The competition included 24 categories. ITMO’s team won in the category DJI Drone Race, getting ahead of the Tallinn University of Technology. ITMO.NEWS shares about the new team of winners: who these freshmen students are and what they do.


  • Tournament of Two Capitals: Schoolkids Show Off Robotics Skills at Regionals

    The regional qualifying stage of the "Tournament of the Two Capitals", a robotics competition for schoolchildren, took place in St. Petersburg on November 26. More than a hundred teams built autonomous robots, which raced on a “highway”, built bridges, balanced on a swing and played "King of the Hill". On the same day, a regional qualifying stage of T2C was also held in Moscow. Teams that showed the best results in both cities will meet in mid-December at the tournament’s finals at ITMO University.


  • Oleg Borisov: Development Means Leaving Your Comfort Zone

    At the last month's GoTech Robotics & AI pitch-session, the winner was a project by Ivan Borisov, Oleg Borisov and Vladislav Gromov, supervised by Sergei Kolyubin. The PhD students presented a multipurpose gripping unit which accounts for the drawbacks of other existing industrial robots, and were chosen from amongst 80 other projects. The robot has already attracted the interest of TRA Robotics. In addition to his work on the robot, Oleg engages in other research and educational activities. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, the scientist spoke about the prospects of modern cyberphysics in Russia, the key tasks of robotics and gave advice on how can one find new opportunities for development.


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