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  • Danish Exchange Students Developing Lighting Design Solution for St. Petersburg Park

    How does lighting design help reflect natural occurrences in the urban environment and make the latter more accommodating for people? Beata Kublik and Paulina Dudkiewicz, Master’s students from Aalborg University (Denmark), are currently doing an internship at ITMO University’s Higher School of Lighting Design. The two students are developing a new lighting design model for one of St. Petersburg’s public parks using a nature-oriented approach. They believe that the value of light as an architectural tool will only increase wherever people haven’t yet realized its importance.


  • Master’s Exchange Students on Learning Lighting Design in Copenhagen

    Making a cramped square feel comfortable, improving lives of medical patients and helping school students study better: students from Aalborg University (Denmark) use light to solve these and other tasks. This Scandinavian country is home to more than the concept of hygge – it is also one of the major European centers for modern art; here, lighting design projects aren’t limited to just museums and art spaces, but are actually becoming a part of the urban environment. Valeria Lukinskaya and Dmitry Chukhin, Master’s students at ITMO’s Higher School of Lighting Design, learned about the best practices and approaches in lighting design during an internship at Aalborg University.


  • The Dangers of Light Pollution

    A recent report published in the Nature journal exposes the impact of excessive artificial lighting on everything around us, - and it proves to be much more serious a problem than one might think. With every year, the world is becoming “brighter”; the amount of artificially lit areas has increased by 2% between 2012 and 2016, and the luminance level grows by 1.8% each year. The key factor that contributed to this happening was the worldwide introduction of energy efficient and bright LED light sources. ITMO.NEWS spoke with Svetlana Kolgushkina, lecturer at ITMO’s Creative Lighting Department, to find out what light pollution is, and how countries choose to combat it.


  • Projects by ITMO’s Higher School of Lighting Design Win LIT Design Awards

    Three projects by ITMO’s Higher School of Lighting Design got into the list of winners of LIT Design Awards - an international event created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers. The AETHER concept of a “neural theater” by Master’s student Daria Chirimisina,  and Valeriia Molodovskaya’s project on creating new energy-effective accessories and footwear were named best in two Student categories. The collaborative project by Nikolai Matveev, Associate Professor at the Higher School of Light Design, and Hungarian artists from the Lux Aeterna theater,  was recognized amongst the best works of the contest’s Professional category. LIT Design Awards’ 2017 results were announced at the end of January this year in Los Angeles.


  • The History of Light in Art

    For a long time, light was only seen as a functional element of everyday life. Over time, artists have begun to study its properties, the ways it can accentuate shapes and textures. In the 20th century, it became its own “character” in art, architecture, theater and performance art. Caty Olive, a light designer and artist from France, spoke about the history of people’s relationship with light at a lecture in St. Petersburg. The event took place at Alexandrinsky Theatre’s New Stage, supported by ITMO University’s Higher School of Lighting Design.


  • Doctor Yang Bai: “Now, We Can Collect Energy From Light, Motion, AND Heat At The Same Time”

    Last week, the Lighting Design - 2017 International Conference organized by ITMO University's Higher School of Lighting Design and the RULD creative association took place at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre. The event brought together representatives of the scientific community and business, adherers of art and innovation technology. More than 500 Russian and international experts in the fields of lighting design, architecture, art, urban science, engineering, IT, multimedia technologies and smart fashion discussed the industry's most relevant issues. At his lecture that was part of the conference's program, Doctor Yang Bai from Oulu University (Finland) spoke about a new generation of materials for the industry of Art&Science that might change our world, as well as a new revolutionary technology that allows us to derive energy from almost everything that surrounds us


  • Lighting Design Conference: A Bright Future For St. Petersburg

    On October 12 to 13, the 4th International Research-to-Practice Conference on Lighting Design was held at Alexandrinsky Theatre’s New Stage. Participants discussed new methods and the best foreign and domestic practices in lighting design. The event is an open international platform for new ideas, methods and tools. This year’s conference drew more than 500 architects, lighting designers, engineers, artists, urbanists, experts in IT, multimedia and smart technologies, as well as scientists, students, and representatives of the government and the industry.


  • The Evolution and Future of Public Lighting

    Three centuries ago, Peter the Great had decreed that St. Petersburg’s streets were to be lit with oil lanterns. Thus, the country’s new capital became the first Russian city to have public lighting. Today, St. Petersburg remains one of the country’s best examples of urban light environment. But each year, new approaches to lighting design, architecture and smart-city engineering appear all over the world. This field itself is becoming a platform not only for lighting designers, architects and artists, but for scientists, researchers and IT specialists as well. Participants of the roundtable discussion “Light in the City: design or programming. New technological developments and tools for modern urban analysis” discussed the future, why modern cities require more than a safe light environment, and how to use new technologies to change the approach to street lighting.


  • ITMO’s Higher School of Lighting Design Enters PLDC's Top-5 Best Universities

    ITMO’s Higher School of Lighting Design entered the top-5 universities according to PLDC (Professional Lighting Design Convention) and was nominated for the prestigious PLDR award. Among the short-runners are universities and professionals from the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland and Great Britain. The winner will be announced this November during the PLDC conference in Paris. Read more about the convention and reasons behind the School’s success in an article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • “Night of Light” in Gatchina

    On the night of August 12 to August 13, the “Night of Light” will be held in the town of Gatchina. This year the event will expand significantly and turn into a full-fledged festival of light art. The territory of the Gatchina State Museum-Reserve will be home to 20 light installations by participants from Russia and Lithuania; 20 more installations will be presented outside of the main competition. This year’s theme is “Laboratory of Dreams”. Students from ITMO’s Higher School of Lighting Design will present three projects at the festival; their works are included in the short-list for the light installation competition that will be held during the event. We talked to the teams to learn more about their projects and find out about their meaning and structure.