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  • How Algorithms Help Design Drugs: ITMO Graduate Aleksandr Sadovnikov On Developing Bioinformatics Software

    Aleksandr Sadovnikov has recently completed his ITMO Master’s program, but he’s already a senior software developer at BIOCAD. In June, he published an article on Habr in which he discusses the role of algorithms in drug development and the use of knowledge that he got at the university. 


  • Geek Picnic Online: Lectures in Minecraft, Discussions Galore, and a Virtual Party on Mars

    Geek Picnic is one of Russia’s largest open-air festivals dedicated to science, technologies and geek culture. The event brings together key figures of the Russian and international popular science scene, as well as scientists and experts from completely different fields: from psychology and pedagogy to media art and quantum physics.


  • WiDS Conference: How Data Science Helps Do Business and Identify Rare Diseases

    The main goal of the Women in Data Science international conference is to create a platform for experience exchange between successful women, establishing communications in the industry and consolidating their community. The idea originated at Stanford University, and now the event takes place in more than 150 places all over the world. On March 9, WiDS took place in St. Petersburg at the Higher School of Economics with speakers from such companies as Yandex, Biocad, etc. ITMO.NEWS put down the bullet points.


  • BIOCAD VP Roman Ivanov: “Biotechnologies are the Cornerstone of Medicine of Tomorrow”

    Roman Ivanov, the Vice President of BIOCAD, had once returned to Russia from the Netherlands and has spent ten years in charge of R&D and international relations for the top company on the Russian biotechnology market. During an open lecture at ITMO University’s Biochemistry Cluster, he discussed Russian science, prospects of world-class R&D at the nation’s companies and what students need to know about starting a career in hi-tech. Below are excerpts from his lecture:


  • Transcending Humanity: Evolution of Technological Art

    Last week, the first FUTURE ART festival was held in St. Petersburg. The event explored the cutting-edge sphere of BioArt, an Art&Science current encompassing the synthesis of artistic, scientific, creative, and technological methods of contemporary art-making. BioArt adherents work with live materials and organic processes. In her FUTURE ART lecture, art expert and head of ITMO’s Art & Science Center Anastasiia Yarmosh talked about how the technological art changed over the years, in which direction it is now heading, and what questions it deals with today.


  • Generation Z: Who Are They?

    We don’t know much about Generation Z, since they are those born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s and now they are just graduating from college and entering the workforce. But these young people differ in many significant ways from their predecessors. Ksenia Pomogaeva, a first year Master’s student at ITMO University, conducted a research on Gen Z to find out the factors influencing their career choices and ways to motivate this new cohort of workers. The research was carried out jointly with BIOCAD, an international innovative biotechnology company, Ksenia is doing an internship at.


  • BIOCAD Expert: Building Teams in Innovative Businesses

    Why is it necessary to use a different approach when forming and developing teams for high-tech companies, and why don’t the methods of traditional business work? Tatiana Tangisheva, head of personnel development at the biotechnology company BIOCAD came to ITMO to conduct a workshop on the specifics of managing and working with employees in innovative companies and the top international practices. The “Team Management in Innovative Companies. Motivating Members of Creative and Intellectual Teams” workshop was held at ITMO’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations.