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  • Questions to Expect in a PhD Interview

    Are you prepping for a PhD interview and feeling the pressure to make a great impression? Don't worry, you're not alone! Many students feel the same way before their big day. But with the right preparation and mindset, you can increase your chances of acing it. In this story, we will go over some tips and strategies on how to successfully navigate the PhD interview process and make a lasting impression on the selection committee. From researching the program and its faculty to practicing your answers and staying calm under pressure, we'll cover everything you need to know to pass your PhD interview with flying colors.


  • Highlights of National PROF-IT Forum: Helping School Students Define Their IT Futures

    What is the best way to offer career advice to school students? Participants of the workshop on current problems in IT training have offered their solutions at the tenth national PROF-IT forum. Over 60 school and university students, lecturers, educators, and representatives of IT companies attended the event.


  • EDfest St. Petersburg 2022 Wrap Up: Soft Skills, Jobs of the Future, and Lab Tours

    EDfest St. Petersburg is a career guidance festival for school students, which took place from March 28 to April 1 and offered five days of animation workshops, lectures on science, entrepreneurship, and professional development, interactive master classes on holography, as well as free counseling sessions based on cutting-edge brain-computer interfaces. The festival was supported by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) and organized by ITMO’s Museum of Optics and ITMO Technopark.


  • ITMO.Career: First Open Careers Forum for Prospective ITMO Students

    On May 20, ITMO University will host ITMO.Career, an open forum on career prospects that will bring together experts from Unilever, SberBank, JetBrains, T-Systems, Gazprom Neft, and 15 other major Russian companies and prospective employers.


  • What to Do If You’re Not Happy With Your Choice of Career or Education

    “I’m not very happy with my choice of career,” is a sentiment all too familiar to many. What do you do when it feels like the path you picked no longer feels like the correct one? Where do you find support? And what’s so dangerous about guilt? Find answers to these questions in this article we wrote with Ekaterina Bilenko, a psychologist at ITMO University’s Career Development Office.


  • ITMO University Graduates Develop a Service for Career Guidance in IT

    Profimap is an online service for career guidance in the field of IT. Among its features are tests, analysis of soft skills, recommendations on specializations and educational institutions, as well as career advice. The service was created by ITMO University students Dmitry Pokidov and Veronika Petrukhina. Now there are six people on their team, including Nail Khabibulin, also an ITMO University graduate. Read on to learn about the idea behind Profimap and how it works.


  • Meet the First Graduates of ITMO's Mentorship Program

    The student mentorship program was launched for the first time on the occasion of ITMO University’s 120th anniversary. University graduates with established careers or their own companies who are ready to share their experience acted as mentors. Around 23 mentor-mentee matches participated in the project, with some mentors working with several students. Learn more about the program, its role in creating the ITMO.Family community and the personal experiences of participants below.


  • St. Petersburg to Get a Unified Human Capital Development Platform

    ITMO University’s industrial partner St. Petersburg company Netrika has taken part in today’s discussion of a unified information system “Human Сapital Development Platform”. The new system is aimed at helping each citizen discover their professional path all the way from high school to retirement. It is not only prospective employees who will benefit from this development, but employers and universities too. The concept of the system was presented at the Internet and Modern Society Conference that took place at ITMO University last week and brought together experts from different fields. ITMO.NEWS talked to Natalya Bystrova, a lead expert in the Education category, about the purpose of the platform and its defining features.


  • ITMO University Summer Schools: Studies and Fun, All in One

    This summer, ITMO University will host a series of schools aimed at young science enthusiasts who want to combine their summer vacation with exciting studies at one of Russia’s leading universities. The schools’ programs encompass all of ITMO’s innovative fields of focus, ranging from programming and robotics to photonics, environmental studies and many more. Hurry up to sign up for a place as the first school starts as soon as May 28!


  • Exosuits, Career Guidance Bots, and Water Quality Analysis: Projects by Participants of Congress of Young Scientists

    ITMO University has hosted the 8th Congress of Young Scientists. The aim of this event is to promote science, and especially the University’s areas of focus, among the youth. Among the participants of the Congress are not only students of Russian universities, but also school students from all around the country. Some of them shared insights into their projects with ITMO.NEWS and explained the challenges posed by their work.