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  • Up in Space: ITMO Turns 123

    On March 26, ITMO turned 123, but the celebrations, as per tradition, lasted the whole preceding week. There were business games, board game nights, art workshops, and even a family festival, ITMO Family Day Mini. Here’s our recap of all the fun that unfolded last week at ITMO.


  • Svetoskop Museum of Fascinating Physics Launches in Kronstadt With ITMO Support

    How to fly using optical illusions, why white clothes glow bright under UV light, and how to put planes in the air with the energy of light – these and other things are explained at the Svetoskop Museum of Fascinating Physics, which has just opened in a new public space in the town of Kronstadt near St. Petersburg. Supported by ITMO, the museum helps its guests not only experience, but also to get to the bottom of various optical and mechanical phenomena – and even stage their own experiments.


  • ITMO Hosts ITMO.KIDS Summer School

    The ITMO.KIDS children’s technopark has recently hosted a project-based summer school. The young participants used high tech equipment, developed devices, and worked in teams.


  • Vaccines: Everything You Need to Know

    Recent years have seen an uptick in discussions concerning vaccines, their efficiency, and their safety. What are their side effects? Are there legitimate reasons to refuse them? How and why did the anti-vax movement form? The pediatrician Nikolai Komov, a proponent of evidence-based medicine and expert for Babyblog, answered these and other questions during the lecture “Vaccines: Conspiracy or Vision?” at the Mayakovsky Library.


  • Founder of ITMO Accelerator Resident GoRobo on Robotics and Entrepreneurship

    In the course of two years, the GoRobo company has worked its way from a small hobby club to a network of robotics clubs for children, which brings together some 250 kids interested in programming and engineering. A resident of ITMO University’s business accelerator, the company is currently about to open its sixth venue. ITMO.NEWS talked to GoRobo’s head Eldar Ihlasov to find out how he decided to center his business around children’s hobby clubs, what challenges he faced, and why he didn’t give up.


  • Five Simple DIY Devices

    In the spirit of the Kid Inventors’ Day celebrated all over the world on January 17, we at ITMO.NEWS have joined our forces with the ITMO.KIDS Technopark for Children to present five devices that are easy to do at home. All of them have different uses, from doing household chores to playing games or just being very  instagrammable . A hydraulic powered robotic arm, a smart pet feeder, and an air balloon able to pull off a launch into the stratosphere: read on and start creating!


  • Musicians: Nature or Nurture? Science Journalist Asya Kazantseva Explains

    If you practice music for 10,000 hours, you’ll become a professional musician, and your brain will change, bringing you lots of perks for dealing with challenges in other areas of life, say psychologists and neurobiologists. No, answer genetics, if a child doesn’t have an innate talent for music, there is no way you can make them practice for 10,000 hours. And if they have a talent, it doesn’t matter whether they want to do music or not; they will be able to solve problems with an ease similar to that of a musician, and it isn’t because they’ve practiced, but because they fundamentally have good genes. This was the topic of the recent Okhta Lab lecture by a science journalist Asya Kazantseva.