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  • ITMO and ASCON Develop Mockup to Automate Large-Scale Production

    ITMO’s Engineering and Technology Center and Russian engineering software company ASCON have developed a mockup of a smart factory that has the potential to increase production efficiency and produce quality through planning and management. The solution was presented at the international conference INNOPROM 2023 in Yekaterinburg.


  • ITMO Experts Rank Regional E-Participation Platforms

    Moscow, the Murmansk Oblast, and the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug are at the top of the ranking with the Tyva Republic, the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug bringing up the rear. According to the authors of the ranking, it reflects the readiness with which regional governments discuss current issues with their citizens using digital technologies.


  • How ITMO Pre-Accelerator Graduates Are Helping Construction Companies Go Digital

    BuildDocuments is a graduate project of ITMO University’s Pre-Accelerator that received the highest praise from its expert investors and mentors. The service allows users to digitize construction paperwork and track work progress online. The product was released on May 26, with pilot testing slated to begin in June. Five million rubles in investments, over 300 subscription pre-orders, and the support of the Russian Ministry of Construction – we spoke to the startup’s founder and head Evgeny Buzlaev to find out how his team was able to launch an IT project in an industry as conservative as construction.


  • New Way to Digitize: ITMO Students and Staff Invited to Take Part in University’s Digital Transformation

    ITMO University is undergoing a digital transformation, and every member of the ITMO.FAMILY can become part of it. If you have an idea on how to improve the university’s digital services or create new platforms and services, submit your project proposal by March 10 through ISU. Such projects will not only help make the university better for all staff and students, but also establish developer teams, provide them with funding, and expand their portfolios. Andrey Lyamin, the head of ITMO University’s Open Education Department, elaborates on the goals of the digital transformation initiative, how to take part in the project contest, and which kinds of projects are more likely to win.


  • ITMO Accelerator’s Graduates at St. Petersburg Digital Forum

    August 30 marked the end of the 2nd St. Petersburg Digital Forum, a platform for communication between public authorities, transnational companies, startups, and citizens. The program of the forum included round tables and panel discussions of the most topical questions concerning digitization. Participating in the forum were, inter alia, three graduates of the Future Technologies accelerator, the prototype of ITMO University Accelerator. Read on to learn more about their projects.


  • Digital Identity: Current Trends and Future Prospects

    Last week, the latest in a series of public lectures about science and technology, organized by ITMO University’s Science Communication Center, was held at the New Holland creative space. This time around, attendees had the pleasure of hearing from Alexander Boukhanovsky, PhD, the head of ITMO University’s School of Translational Information Technologies and the eScience Research Institute, who spoke about the modern state of digital identity technologies and their applications. Below are the key highlights of his talk.


  • Experts Discuss How to Protect Scientific Knowledge

    How will we work with research articles in some ten years? Will they be digitized? And what will happen to such portals as Google Scholar or Cyberleninka? All these and other questions were discussed at the closing ceremony of the fourth conference Digital Transformation and Global Society, which was held at ITMO University. ITMO.NEWS publishes the highlights of the discussion.


  • Twitch, Twitter and Depression: Young Researchers Present Their Projects at ITMO University Poster Session

    As part of the 4th international conference “Digital Transformation and Global Society”, ITMO University has recently hosted the Forum of Young Scientists. Its main aim was to unite young Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD researchers and experienced scientists in informal discussions on their research. The students had to prepare posters on their research projects and explain them to other participants and judges. The authors of the best works won the opportunity to be published in the conference digest. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the researchers to find out more about their work.


  • On Way to Smart City: Head of St. Petersburg e-Government Department on Digital Economy and City Services

    What is the state’s general strategic approach to the digitization of the Russian economy? How far is St. Petersburg from meeting the standards of a smart city? What online services are already available to citizens? These and other questions were addressed by Olga Patrievskaya, head of the e-Government department of the Government of St. Petersburg, who gave an open lecture on “Digital economy in the Russian Federation” at ITMO University’s Institute of Design & Urban Studies on February 28.