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  • ITMO University Researchers Make Hypoallergenic Gluten-Free Dough

    Nowadays, celiac disease affects almost every hundredth person. Celiac disease is a long-term autoimmune disorder. It occurs in genetically predisposed people. When they consume a product that contains gluten, their small intestine gets damaged. Researchers from ITMO University are working on the creation of hypoallergenic gluten-free dough. We talked to Alina Semine, one of the team members behind this project.


  • ITMO Researchers Present New Inventions at AGRORUS-2020 Expo

    Earlier this month, St. Petersburg hosted the annual international agricultural exhibition and trade fair AGRORUS-2020, which showcased the achievements of Russia’s top agricultural companies. ITMO University staff took part in a series of roundtable discussions and conferences held as part of the event’s business program.


  • Scientists Develop a Better Yogurt with Chia Seeds

    According to recent research by ITMO University scientists, chia seeds, a popular healthy topping, can improve the characteristics of yogurt. Authors of this research discussed the results they achieved, obstacles they faced, and further plans for their project.


  • ITMO University Scientists Work on New Properties for Bread and Beer

    Scientists from ITMO University’s School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems actively focus on making everyday foods better, safer and more accessible. By replacing just one ingredient in a bread formulation, the researchers managed to make this product more resistant to microorganisms that cause it to spoil. Now, they are experimenting with replacing the same ingredient in beer. If this goes well, the drink will be less strong and will acquire probiotic properties. ITMO.NEWS contacted the scientists to find out how beer’s properties depend on yeast, and also how bread can fall victim to rope spoilage. 


  • Weini Teweldebrhan: Studying in Russia Is an Experience I Wouldn’t Trade for Anything

    For the first time in her life, Weini Teweldebrhan Tesfatsion decided to go abroad in order to get a Master’s degree in Chemistry of Applied Materials. She came to ITMO University from Eritrea, in the east part of Africa, to pursue her dream.


  • What Is Biotechnology?

    Food manufacturers all over the world strive to produce food of better quality while also making if affordable. This problem is tackled by specialists in the field of biotechnology – a research area bringing together many disciplines. What is biotechnology exactly? How does one study it at ITMO? And where do biotechnology graduates work? Let’s delve right into it with our new illustrated series.


  • Yimer Getnet: Food Biotechnology is a Promising Field and I Want to Be Part of It

    All the way from sunny Bahir Dar in Ethiopia, Yimer Getnet came to ITMO University last September to enroll in our Master’s program in Food Biotechnology. He loves this field and hopes to contribute to its future, particularly back in Ethiopia. 


  • ITMO Staff Visit Harbin Institute of Technology with Lecture Series

    Lyudmila Nadtochiy, Vera Ivanova and Oksana Golovinskaya, lecturers from ITMO University’s Faculty of Food Biotechnologies and Engineering, participated in a project dedicated to the development of academic cooperation in the field of food biotechnology between Russia and China. Over the course of a month, they visited several Chinese cities and presented lectures to PhD students of the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, they share their impressions of the program.