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  • Academic Coach Christoph Sprung on the Importance of Soft Skills for Scientists

    Christoph Sprung, a participant of the ITMO Fellowship and Professorship program, has a rather unusual profession – he’s a freelance coach who works with scientists, lecturers, research teams, and students. Having worked as a scientist, he knows very well how important soft skills are for researchers. That’s why he decided to teach them leadership, presentation, project management, and teamwork skills. For the past three years he’s been also training ITMO students. We interviewed him to learn more about his coaching career and his experience of working at a Russian university.


  • ITMO Fellow Balamuralithara Balakrishnan on Creativity and Developing Products Using Design Thinking

    According to a recent study by LinkedIn, creative thinking is still among the most sought-after skills in business. However, it is no longer enough to “simply” come up with creative ideas – now they have to be developed with ethical norms in mind, as well as benefit the society, economy, and environment. Can we measure creativity? What is design thinking and how can we use it to make truly necessary products? In this article, we turn to an ITMO Fellow, the Malaysian researcher Balamuralithara Balakrishnan, for answers.


  • Staff Spotlight: Daniel Nsengumuremyi, Rwanda

    In 2020, Daniel Nsengumuremyi graduated from ITMO with a PhD in Food Biotechnology, and now eagers to continue his academic career in order to contribute to the development of his homeland, Rwanda. In this interview for ITMO.NEWS, he talks about his Russian education experience and explains the unusual properties of lake mud.


  • Mauro Corallo: We Are Human Beings and We Have to Behave as Such, Helping Each Other When Possible

    Coming from Milan, Italy, Mauro Corallo teaches English as a foreign language here at ITMO University. He talked to us about his experience in Russia and his favorite places in St. Petersburg.


  • Laine Schaublin: Moving to St. Petersburg Was One of the Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made

    A native of the warm and sunny St. Petersburg, Florida, Laine Schaublin came to a very different St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2013. Last September, she joined ITMO University, where she currently teaches advanced English language to first-year students.


  • John Kuti: English Teacher on Languages, Digital Literacy and Cultural Capital

    A specialist in business English, John Kuti is spearheading the virtual learning initiatives at ITMO University's Foreign Language Training Center. He talked to us about his experience in Russia, tips for learning languages and philosophical approach to life.


  • Materials Scientist Alexandre Nominé on Challenges of his Field, Learning Russian, and Creativity at ITMO University

    Alexandre Nominé came to ITMO University from France to work at the University’s Metamaterials Laboratory as a materials scientist. In the course of his career he has worked in various field of physics including plasma physics and synthesizing nanoparticles. We spoke with Dr. Nomine about science, living in Russia, and learning five languages (including Russian!)