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  • Entrepreneur, Law Firm Founder, and Master’s Student Rodion Juryev: You Only Live When You Learn

    Rodion Juryev studies cognitive technologies and quantum intelligence at ITMO University – all while running a legal firm and a business in Skolkovo, applying for patents for his inventions, and planning his PhD studies. This semester, he joined an academic mobility program to travel to Universidad de Monterrey (Mexico), where he studies financial viability assessment and production planning and control in addition to learning the Spanish language. Rodion spoke with us and explained why he decided to get a Master’s degree despite having accomplished himself as a legal expert and an entrepreneur, how he combines work and studies, and what experiences his exchange semester in Mexico has given him.


  • Laura Rodriguez: From Biotechnologist to Science Artist

    Hailing from sunny Mexico, Laura Rodriguez is a Master’s student at ITMO University’s Art & Science program where she explores bioart and sustainable materials. A bioartist working with bacterial cellulose, she has previously studied at Skoltech, where along with fellow students she worked on crafting environmentally-friendly leather from yeast and bacteria. What can we learn from kombucha? And how does mystical realism factor into bioart?


  • Mexican Student Shares His Story and Tips for Better Online Security

    Coming from the other side of the world is always a challenging endeavor, it takes courage to leave behind those who you love, your traditions and culture, nevertheless sometimes we ought to sacrifice something to be able to reach the potential we did not know we had. 


  • Master's Students from Mexico on Studying in Russia and ITMO's Art&Science Program

    Laura Elidedt Rodriguez Torres and Ethan Avila Hernandez left sunny Mexico to come to Russia and study on ITMO University’s innovative Art & Science Master’s program. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, they discuss their Art & Science experience, the quirks of living in St. Pete, and advice for international students wanting to make the jump of studying in Russia.